Tim Shoemaker
Waterman Helps Municipalities Hold Their Water
Tim Shoemaker of Waterman explains the value of cast iron gates and water conservation in an era of infrastructure rehabilitation and water scarcity.  Continue Reading..
Ellen Gaby
Orica Watercare Brings Ion Exchange, DBP Compliance To Municipalities
Ellen Gaby of Orica Watercare discusses the benefits of ion exchange for removing disinfection byproducts (DBPs), as well as the uniqueness of Orica’s MIEX process.  Continue Reading..
Dave Loney
Anthrafilter Explains The Filter Market
Dave Loney, president and owner of Anthrafilter, shares his thoughts on where the municipal and industrial water market is headed – from both a U.S. and global perspective – as well as how the economy is driving current trends.  Continue Reading..
John Cazes
The Importance Of Flow Measurement
John Cazes of Great Plains Industries talks about the trends that are driving development in water technology, and why measurement is at the root of innovation.  Continue Reading..
Jonathon Dawson
Increasing Efficiency In The Lab
Jonathan Dawson of Fluid Imaging Technologies introduces the FlowCAM, which saves time and money by bringing better technology into the lab, while also increasing the data set for water quality monitoring.  Continue Reading..
Todd Philbeck
Singer Valve Introduces Its Total Automatic Purging System
Todd Philbeck of Singer Valve joins Todd and Todd of Water Online Radio to talk about Singer’s TAPS initiative and the advantages of ductile iron valves versus plastic.  Continue Reading..
AdEdge Provides Treatment Solutions, Not Just Systems
The president and vice president of AdEdge Water Technologies join Water Online Radio to discuss the company’s recent achievements and innovations, as well as the important differentiating factors for water treatment providers in today’s marketplace.   Continue Reading..
Dave LaRose
Pure Focus On Ion Exchange
Dave LaRose of Purolite discusses the many applications for ion exchange water treatment, specifically in light of recent trends and challenges confronting the industry.  Continue Reading..
David LaFrance
AWWA And The State Of Drinking Water
American Water Works Association (AWWA) Executive Director David LaFrance sits down with Water Online Radio to talk about the critical issues facing utilities, and how the ACE conference and AWWA contribute to solutions for these issues and the provision of safe drinking water.  Continue Reading..
Rob Wise
Filtronics Discusses Effective Filtration Over The Long Haul
Rob Wise explains the Filtronics approach to water and wastewater treatment, equipment life-cycle costs, and environmental responsibility.  Continue Reading..