Solutions And Expertise From Down Under
Water Online Radio welcomes waterAUSTRALIA to WEFTEC and the American water/wastewater market – a fertile market with issues similar to Australia’s. Les Targ and Bob Herbert discuss climate change, water scarcity, water quality, and regulations, and how waterAUSTRALIA innovations work to solve these problems.  Continue Reading..
GF Brings Diversified Solutions To Water/Wastewater
Brian LaBelle of GF Piping Systems talks to Water Online Radio about the evolution of the company, its new product offerings, and the focus GF places on customer service.  Continue Reading..
Tom Schaefer
Rockwell Automation Keeps Things Under Control
Tom Schaefer of Rockwell Automation talks about the importance of a process control strategy in water and wastewater operations, as well as the expanded capabilities Rockwell offers through trusted collaborations throughout the industry.  Continue Reading..
Bob Dabowski
Hach Answers Emerging Issues With New Technology
Bob Dabkowski, a wastewater specialist with Hach Company, talks to Water Online Radio about the company’s new phosphorus controller and why automation and optimization are key drivers for the water/wastewater industry.  Continue Reading..
Headworks Talks Smart, Sustainable MBBR
Gerald Seidl of Headworks Inc. talks to Water Online Radio about moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) technology, world markets, and maximizing water resources.  Continue Reading..
Lessons From ‘The Wastewater Wizard’
Daniel Theobald, owner of Environmental Services, talks to Water Online Radio about wastewater treatment in the public and private sector, the impact of regulations, trends in the industry, and how to make progress in a down economy.  Continue Reading..
Rich Horn
Tanks That Last Forever
Rich Horn of CB&I provides an education on water tanks while touting the strength, size, and additional benefits of the company’s storage systems.  Continue Reading..
Ian and Erin
Testing Pioneers Look To Penetrate Water/Wastewater Market
Ian Leahy and Erin Post of Palintest talk about the history of the company, the testing capabilities they offer, and trends they see in water and wastewater.  Continue Reading..
Sensus Water Online Radio
Sensus Goes ‘Beyond The Meter’
Doug McCall and Linda Palmer join Water Online Radio to discuss the wealth of information utilities can gather from a smart water network, as well as the company’s move from bronze to composites.  Continue Reading..
Jim Leary
Perfecting Plastics Through Welding
Jim Leary of Widos Welding talks about the benefits of plastic over metals, and offers the products and services needed to help carry out the plastic pipe customer.  Continue Reading..