Team Industrial
Pipe Repair Without Shutdown
Brett Haines of TEAM Industrial Services talks about the value of pipe and valve repair sans shutdown, as well as the meaning of “asset-centric.”  Continue Reading..
Bob McDole
Hendrick Screen Focuses On Reducing Cost And Maintenance
Bob McDole of Hendrick Screen Company talks about the company’s wedge wire screens, their applications, and why they work in a budget-conscious environment.  Continue Reading..
Smart Solutions For Water Distribution
Cliff Wilson, president of Wachs Water Services, talks about the technology and services available to help overcome the water industry’s trillion-dollar infrastructure challenge.  Continue Reading..
Archie MacDonald
Iron And Manganese Meets Its Match
Archie MacDonald of Pureflow Filtration sheds light on water contaminants, the importance of operator training, and how his company has positioned itself to serve a range of applications.  Continue Reading..
Deb Lavelle
Working On Regulations And The Bottom Line
Deb LaVelle, Chair of the Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association (WWEMA), talks about the initiatives and advocacy efforts the organization undertakes on behalf of water companies, and why these missions are so vital in today’s environment.  Continue Reading..
Tank-Cleaning Pros Dive Right In
Using commercial divers, Ron Perrin Water Technologies inspects and cleans potable water tanks. Robert Perrin describes the process and the benefits to Water Online Radio.  Continue Reading..
Poly Processing
Tank Talk With Poly Processing
Randy Zimmer of Poly Processing discusses the company’s tailored storage solutions for the chemicals used to make clean water.  Continue Reading..
Owen Stevens
Zero Bacteria, Zero Maintenance With FRP Panel Type Tanks
Owen Stevens of Fiber Technology Corporation talks about the advantages and life-cycle costs of FRP panel type tanks versus competitive technologies.  Continue Reading..
Mark Holley
Pure Technologies Solves Large Infrastructure Issues
Mark Holley, President of Pure Technologies, talks about the focus and investment needed to overcome the infrastructure crisis in the U.S., and how his company guides utilities to cost-effective solutions.   Continue Reading..
Todd Evans
Valve Alternatives For A Lead-Free Future
Todd Evans of Matco-Norca discusses the impact of upcoming “lead-free” regulations, and speaks to the alternatives available – cost, material, and otherwise – when considering valves and fittings.  Continue Reading..