Water Reuse News

  1. Desalitech Purifies High Silica Groundwater In El Paso At Record Recovery Rates

    Desalitech announced recently that its ReFlex reverse osmosis (RO) process successfully purified groundwater at the Kay Bailey Hutchison (KBH) Desalination plant in El Paso, Texas, at record high water recovery rates.

  2. WRF Seeks Additional Proposals For Water Reuse Research

    In August, The Water Research Foundation (WRF) released five RFPs for potable reuse research. WRF is requesting proposals for two more research projects for integrated water management strategies in water reuse.

  3. Pioneering Work: Audi México Produces Completely Without Wastewater

    Audi is the world’s first premium manufacturer to produce automobiles completely free of wastewater. At its site in San José Chiapa, Mexico, the company is using a new water treatment process that collects 100 percent of the wastewater produced there, purifies it and feeds large volumes of clean water back into the plant’s water supply system.

  4. SUEZ Introduces New UF Rackless Membrane System To Significantly Reduce The Cost And Footprint For Industrial And Municipal Applications

    SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions recently announced a new ultrafiltration (UF) rackless membrane system, the ZeeWeed 700B-RMS. When compared to most rack types, the required footprint needed for installation is reduced and the cost of the system is lowered since there is no need for a steel rack or feed, permeate or reject pipes.

  5. Reducing Water Scarcity Possible By 2050

    Water scarcity is not a problem just for the developing world. In California, legislators are currently proposing a $7.5B emergency water plan to their voters; and U.S. federal officials last year warned residents of Arizona and Nevada that they could face cuts in Colorado River water deliveries in 2016.

  6. NSA Partners With Wastewater Utility To Cool New Data Center

    The National Security Agency (NSA) is diving into the wastewater industry.

  7. Veolia To Design And Build Tomorrow’s Wastewater Treatment Plant In Borås, Sweden

    Veolia Water Technologies, through its subsidiaries VA-Ingenjörerna and Krüger, has won a SEK 400 million (approximately EUR 42.5 million) contract to design and build a new and ambitious wastewater treatment plant in Borås, Sweden.

  8. Software Harvesting Rainwater Storage Systems

    A DYNAMIC software program utilising kinetic energy is helping buildings with large roof areas in Southeast Asia harvest and recycle rainwater. By Caleb Radford

  9. City of Oceanside Recognized At White House Water Summit

    The City of Oceanside’s “Pathogen Removal Study” was recognized at the White House Water Summit held on March 22 to commemorate World Water Day.

  10. Desalitech To Supply Advanced Wastewater Treatment Pilot System To Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts

    Desalitech, a provider of high-efficiency water production and treatment solutions, announced recently that it will supply an advanced pilot wastewater treatment system to the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County, one of largest wastewater municipalities in the State of California.