Water Membranes Videos

  1. Leopold® FilterWorx® Overview

    FilterWorx® is a complete water filtration system engineered to improve efficiency and reliability. Ideally suited for applications such as potable drinking water treatment, tertiary wastewater treatment, nutrient removal in water or wastewater, pretreatment prior to low-pressure membrane systems, and RO membrane desalination pretreatment, FilterWorx performance filters feature a flat-bottom flume, fiberglass backwash water troughs, engineered media, three types of underdrains, and media retainers in two different sizes. In addition, FilterWorx control systems provide the longest filtration run cycles to reduce energy consumption and wastewater generation, thereby lowering operating costs.

  2. MBR Myths by Ovivo

    In this video, Ovivo, which recently was awarded a contract to supply equipment for the largest MBR system in North America at 42 MGD, looks at the common objections associated with MBR Plants. With over 130 operating plants in the US and 330 plants worldwide, Ovivo provides answers.

  3. Kruger K240C Module Installation

    This video demonstrates ease of installation of a Kruger K240C Module, including single-point lifting of an entire double stack and guidance built into module legs that allows it to slide easily onto tank rails.

  4. Do We Have To Sacrifice Performance To Be Green?

    The global use of membranes is widespread in municipal, industrial, and wastewater applications with reverse osmosis (RO) proving to be a highly effective and reliable method of advanced water treatment.  Reuse applications have been particularly challenging for water treatment chemical companies as these highly variable feedwaters can contain any imaginable constituent, resulting in a wide array of site specific foulants. By Karen Lindsey, V.P. Operations, Avista Technologies, Inc.

  5. New Treatment Technologies For Water Customers

    Elena Bailey, Director of Business Development at Ovivo, introduces new treatment technologies, including the Duet screen for grit removal and the AEROSTRIP® Diffusor for aeration. In this video, learn how the latest products in the company’s portfolio connect with customers’ needs in the drinking water and wastewater industries.

  6. Development Of MBR Suitable For Retrofit With Flat Sheet Membrane

    In sewage works of Japan near bay areas, the tightening of restrictions on nitrogen and phosphorus has resulted in greater needs for reconstruction and replacement of infrastructure, to switch from the conventional activated sludge process to the advanced treatment process without newly expanding aeration tanks.

  7. Mectan Induced Vortex Grit Chamber Video

    Facing the new challenge for multiple small and medium size WWTP upgrades, John Meunier Inc. has developed a new induced vortex Grit Chamber Design with the help of CFD (Computational Fluid-Dynamics) modeling.

  8. Ovivo Shows Off Latest Advancements At WEFTEC
    Elena Bailey of Ovivo shares with Water Online editor Kevin Westerling the workings of the AEROSTRIP ultrafine bubble diffuser, which made its debut at WEFTEC and is described by Bailey as “one of the most exciting products that we’ve launched in the last 10 years.”
  9. Video: Advancement In MBR Technology
    This fully narrated 3-minute video introduces a significant advancement in MBR technology.