Wastewater Management Pumps and Valves Podcasts

  1. How Physical Modeling Can Help Achieve Optimal Performance And Maximize Existing Infrastructure

    When it comes to infrastructure design or redesign, understanding hydraulic conditions — for all foreseeable scenarios — is paramount. You might call it "test driving" your facility.

  2. Preventing Backflow

    There are lots of applications in the water and wastewater industry that need backflow prevention. Stormwater drainage systems are a perfect example.  As Mike Duer, Chief Engineer with Red Valve Company explains in this Water Online Radio interview, “water will backflow through the drainage pipe at high tide, come up through the inlets and cause flooding.”

  3. Valve Design Cuts Energy Costs

    Realizing energy savings with blowers is a big deal in the wastewater industry right now as utilities try to reign in their energy costs. As Paul Nelson, North American Sales Manager for Egger Turo Pumps points out, the next focus area is going to be energy savings with pumps and valves.

  4. Open And Shut Case: A Comparison Of Actuators

    Neil Meredith, Midwest regional manager with Kinetrol USA, talks to Water Online Radio about pneumatic vane actuators – specifically, what sets the good ones apart.

  5. MetroH20: Education For The Industry

    Singer Valve manufactures automatic control valves for municipal water systems — everything from pressure reducing, pressure relief, anywhere where you’d need to control the water running through the line.

  6. The Efficient Era Of Pumping Systems

    Of the most pressing matters facing the water industry today, none are drumming up as much concern as the need for energy efficiency. Financial pressure, the need to protect the environment, limited resources, it all comes down to making the most out of the least amount of energy.

  7. Grinding Wipes To A Halt

    Ken Biele, CEO of JWC Environmental, discusses solutions to the growing problem of equipment-clogging disposable wipes.

  8. Hinge-Less Valve Keeps Sewers Functional

    In 1984, the US EPA asked Red Valve to help mitigate some of the inflow and infiltration problems it was seeing with traditional flap gate valves.

  9. The Evolution Of Sluice And Slide Gates

    You might not think that sluice gates would involve a lot of technology, but significant R&D has been invested in their improvement.

  10. American Infrastructure Renewal: Building For The Next 100 Years

    Even ductile iron pipe, which has been in the ground for a century in some cases, has an expiration date. Its strength has also been a detriment, to some degree, in that the public has taken its reliability for granted. But the time has come to pay the piper.