UGSI Press Releases

  1. Encore® 700 Pumps Receives NSF 61 Certification

    Encore® 700 metering pumps, recognized throughout the industry for their longevity, reliability and accuracy, are now certified to NSF/ANSI 61 standards for use in drinking water applications.

  2. UGSI Solutions, Inc. Acquires PAX Water Technologies

    UGSI Solutions announced recently the acquisition of PAX Water Technologies was completed on Friday, January 27th.

  3. NEW Polyblend® Polymer Activation Systems MAGNUM Mix Chamber Increases Polymer Activation Efficiency By Up To 30%

    UGSI Solutions, Inc. is pleased to introduce and release the new Polyblend® MAGNUM mix chamber for immediate sale. Specifically, the MAGNUM mix chambers are available for sale as a retrofit to existing M‐Series emulsion polymer activation units (models M240‐M2400) or as a completely new M‐Series unit.

  4. Introducing The ChemLocker™ Reservoir Dosing Station Which Provides Flexibility And Economy In Managing Distribution System Water Quality

    Recognition that overall system water quality is increasingly dependent on proper disinfectant residual management in the distribution network has led UGSI Solutions to develop a family of network water quality management tools that range from tank mixing (Tank Shark®), tank boosting (ChemLocker™) to fully‐automated reservoir residual chemistry management (Monoclor™).