SUEZ Videos

  1. FiltraFast™ By SUEZ Achieves High-Rate Filtration Within A Very Small Footprint

    The FiltraFast extreme-rate compressible media filter recently developed by SUEZ achieves up to 10 times the hydraulic loading rate compared to conventional filters.  FiltraFast is customizable to meet specific requirements of applications including industrial process water and wastewater, municipal tertiary wastewater, and water reuse. In this video, you will learn how FiltraFast works and about the benefits it offers.

  2. InSight APM: Turning Data Into Action Video

    InSight, an Asset Performance Management solution for water professionals, combines advanced data and analytics with industry expertise. Learn more about its range of features for data collection, reporting and analysis.

  3. The ozonia Innovation Labs Have Set The New Standard For Ozone Technology

    The newest family in the SUEZ ozone range, the ozonia® M includes all the latest developments from the ozonia® innovation labs. Ozonia® IGS+ dielectric technology provides even lower energy consumption and increased ozone production capacity up to 25 kg/h resulting in a lower cost per kg of ozone. The new ozonia® smartO3™ automation platform adds a suite of advanced features designed to optimize system performance and reduce operation costs. Finally, an innovative design provides improved resistance to environmental conditions in a more compact footprint.

  4. Containerized Boiler Feedwater Systems Video

    Containerized boiler feedwater systems by SUEZ are custom designed to meet different requirements for each individual project.  These containerized systems eliminate concerns clients have such as limited space, harsh climate conditions or tight construction schedules. In this video, SUEZ experts discuss the advantages and benefits of containerized systems and how they bring efficiency to the boiler demineralization treatment process.

  5. Integrated Water Treatment Solution For A New Combined Cycle Power Plant

    Northern California Power Agency (NCPA) selected SUEZ as a single-source provider to design and supply an integrated water treatment solution consisting of four water treatment systems for its new 300 MW combined cycle natural gas power plant in Lodi, California.

  6. Meteor IFAS Process

    The Meteor® IFAS/MBBR technology offers flexible solutions to a multitude of biological process upgrade applications such as nitrogen removal, treatment capacity increase and wastewater reuse.

  7. Heliantis™ Solar Sludge Drying

    Heliantis™ transforms any type of dewatered sludge (15% minimum dry content) into a dry, granulated product with a dry-solids content that can be adjusted within a range of 35% to 85%. Using the sun as the main energy source, the sludge is dried in a greenhouse and a scarifying machine turns over and breaks up the sludge into carbon-neutral and odorless granules, for eventual agricultural reuse or thermal energy production using co-incineration.