Separation & Clarification News

  1. New Breakthrough Technology Water Remediation And Purification System (WRPS) Shows Positive Results In Removal Of Bacteria, Parasites, Heavy Metals, Including Gold, And Other Contaminants

    Scientists of Irving A. Backman & Associates and SARC Global recently joined political and technical representatives from the municipality of Quibdo in the Choco region of western Colombia to assess the efficacy of this new Water Remediation Purification System (WRPS)

  2. SUEZ, Together With CDPQ, Acquires GE Water, Becoming A Major Player In The Industrial Water Services Market

    Today SUEZ announces that, together with Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (“CDPQ”), it has entered into a binding agreement to purchase GE Water & Process Technologies (“GE Water”) from General Electric Company for €3.2Bn1 enterprise value in an all‐cash transaction.

  3. Extensive Regional Grit Gradation Data Published For The First Time

    Important reference data on the regional characteristics of wastewater grit across North America have been published for the first time.

  4. CST Wastewater Solutions’ New Environmentally Sustainable IAF Technology For High Temperature Fats Recovery To Feature At FoodPro 2017

    A highly effective flotation cell that allows fats and solids recovery in high temperature applications will be featured at FoodPro 2017 by Australasian and Asia-Pacific waste water treatment specialist CST Wastewater Solutions Pty Ltd.

  5. Environmentally-Sustainable Induced Air Flotation From CST Wastewater Solutions Opens New Markets For High-Temperature Fats And Solids Recovery

    A highly effective flotation cell that allows fats and solids recovery in high-temperature applications has been developed by Australasian and Asia-Pacific wastewater treatment specialist CST Wastewater Solutions Pty Ltd.

  6. akvola Technologies Wins A Strategic Partner And Shareholder To Accelerate The Adoption Of akvoFloat In Asia

    akvola Technologies ("Company"), a water technology company providing solutions for the removal of oils and suspended solids from hard-to-treat industrial effluents, has announced recently that it has won CBC Group –a Japanese technology trading company with a global presence– as a strategic partner and shareholder.

  7. Eriez Vice President Of Global Technology Helping To Advance Coarse Particle Flotation

    For the 2016 International Mineral Processing Congress (IMPC), in Quebec City, Canada, Mike Mankosa, Ph.D, Eriez Executive Vice President of Global Technology, co-authored three technical papers focused on coarse particle flotation applications and the benefits of the HydroFloat Separator.

  8. World Water Works Unveils New inDENSE Technology

    World Water Works, Inc., a manufacturer of specialized advanced water treatment solutions, has recently announced its launch of the inDENSE technology.

  9. Meurer Research Debuts Video: 'Treating More Water In Less Space'

    Meurer Research, Inc., an engineering and manufacturing company with over 50 patents and thousands of installations of advanced water and wastewater treatment equipment, recently announced its new demonstration video, “Treating more water in less space.”

  10. Breakthrough Technology For Thickening Concentrated Streams Using Low-Grade Residual Energy

    Energy saving and re-use of materials become more and more important and are crucial for maintaining a good and healthy environment for future generations.