Separation & Clarification Articles

  1. 10 Water-Tech Winners From WEFTEC 2017

    For the second straight year, the Water Environment Federation Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC) came to McCormick Place in Chicago, returning also to the city which launched WEFTEC 90 years ago. As always, it was a showcase of the latest technologies and ideas available in the water/wastewater industry, but each show also has its own "feel" that reflects the times.

  2. Top 10 Technologies From WEFTEC 2016

    300,000 square feet. That was the size of the tradeshow floor at WEFTEC, the world's largest annual water quality exhibition. I didn't see every technology showcased last month in New Orleans (over a thousand exhibitors were on hand), but here’s a “best of” list from the many that I came across — a snapshot of various technologies that stood out from the masses, exceptional for their level of innovation and potential for industry impact.

  3. Innovation In Applying Existing Technology Solutions

    A long-standing staple — water — is rapidly becoming a major issue for companies, not merely as a risk or line item expense, but for the potential it has to significantly impact shareholder value.  

  4. 10 Exciting Technologies From WEFTEC

    Judging by WEFTEC 2015, the water industry is on a roll.

  5. The Upside Of Being Compelled To Treat Wastewater

    No one enjoys being compelled to do things, especially when it dips into their wallet. For many in the industrial manufacturing and food processing sectors this is exactly what wastewater management is to them — a compulsory, bottomless money pit dug by regulatory bodies, seemingly just to make things difficult for business owners.

  6. High-Performance Biofilm Carrier Used In Municipal Wastewater Treatment

    In the recent past, a new and very innovative biofilm carrier named Mutag BioChip™, developed and produced by the German company Multi Umwelttechnologie AG, has increasingly and very successfully got into the news with regard to the biological treatment of municipal/domestic sewage.

  7. When Product Recovery Systems Are Sound Investments

    As advancements in technology have led to smaller, faster, and more durable process equipment, industrial manufacturers are eyeing new hardware to boost product yield in their new and existing facilities. This fact is evident as capital spending figures from the top 37 companies in the food and beverage industry topped $18.5 billion in 2014, a nearly 15 percent increase over the previous year.

  8. Tangential Flow Separation: A New Way To Treat Waste

    Can “leaky hoses” really be considered an innovation? The answer is yes — when applied (ingeniously) for liquid/solids separation.

  9. The Case For Removing Disinfection From Wastewater Treatment

    Membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology is proven to adequately remove microbial contaminants all on its own, eliminating the time, money, and focus spent on disinfection.

  10. Using Empty-Bed Contact Time (EBCT) To Design Biological Odor Control Technologies

    Odor control systems have come a long way, but certain hurdles remain. Improving EBCT design criteria will help engineers and utilities reach the finish line.