Pump Station Monitoring Products

  1. Water and Waste Control System
    The Pump Station Director variable speed pump control system combines touch screen technology with PLC systems
  2. Sewage Pump Station Rehabilitation
    Sewage Pump Station Rehabilitation Process Can Be Accomplished within 24 Hours, including removing and reinstalling the pumps...
  3. PSL Pump Station Level Controller
    Controls, Transmits and Displays
  4. Bullet-Proof Tubing Assemblies!
    You just went into your pump station or your water treatment chemical area to check your system and what did you find but your polyethylene tubing that that you knew was getting a little old had developed a crack overnight
  5. Grinder Pump Station
    Constructed with robust, field-proven thermoplastic materials, the GP 2000 grinder pump station can be used for wastewater pumping
  6. Pump Station and Vault Accessories
  7. Pump Station Director
    The Pump Station Director allows you to review and control pump station operating conditions through use of graphic touch screens.
  8. Pump Station Director jr
    Controlled by touch screen interface, the Pump Station Director Jr....
  9. Pump Station Level Controller
    The PSL Pump Station Level Controller features a non-contacting ultrasonic, isolated 4-20mA output and six programmable control relays
  10. Recessed Pump Station
    The Recessed Vac-U-Prime Pump Station mounts on standard steel, fiberglass or concrete wet wells