Product Showcase

  1. Wastewater Network Planning And Design

    Effective system planning requires that wastewater utilities consider a wide range of uncertainty regarding future conditions, from aging infrastructure to population shifts to climate change. Using hydraulic modeling and wastewater GIS you can balance service priorities against risks and costs to mitigate against adverse environmental, public health, and economic impacts.

  2. Wastewater Network Modeling And Analysis

    Collecting and conveying wastewater flow to a treatment plant in a safe, reliable, and economic way is a complex process to get right. Understand how your wastewater system behaves, identify problems, and choose the best course of action by leveraging tools that deliver proven excellence in hydraulic system analysis and design.

  3. Water Network Planning And Design

    To effectively plan and design your water distribution network you have to consider a wide range of uncertainties regarding future conditions, from aging infrastructure to population shifts to climate change. Using decision-support tools such as hydraulic modeling and water GIS you can strategically determine the location and routing of new transmission mains, pumping stations, and storage facilities, balancing service priorities against risks and costs.

  4. AssetWise Lifecycle Information Management

    Managing asset lifecycle information bridges the gap during the CAPEX phase of a project through handover into OPEX. Traditional approaches have relied on manual, uncontrolled issues of data and drawings without considering what information should be managed across the lifecycle.


  5. Water Network Operational Modeling

    Water utilities are increasingly collecting more information about the current and past state of the network, with more SCADA instrumentation, customer metering, and so on. Our solution can help you turn those data sources into smarter operational decisions every day: better forecast system conditions and performance, manage pumps and storage to save energy and money, plan ahead for scheduled maintenance, and react to unplanned outages and emergencies.

  6. Asset Performance Management

    Infrastructure is complex. It must operate reliably without compromising health and safety standards, and comply with industry and environmental regulations. The Asset Performance Management solution allows you to capture and analyze historical and real-time operational and asset data to improve asset performance, reduce costs, and facilitate mission critical decision making in core business operations. With APM, you can develop consistent, optimized inspection and maintenance plans to mitigate operating risks and improve overall reliability, efficiency, and availability.

  7. Telog 32 Series Of Recording Telemetry Units (RTUs)

    Continuing the tradition of ground breaking products that add exciting new capabilities for smart, remote monitoring in water and wastewater networks.

  8. Data Driven Solutions

    Data-Driven Solutions are at the heart of Matchpoint’s methodology. Our robust technologies and best practices are grounded in validated and historical data, collected from sensors throughout your system. The knowledge derived from your data empowers your organization to make quick and reliable decisions.

  9. Mikron3 Mini

    A compact survey tool with uncompromised sound quality that is easy-to-use. This is a small and simple-to-use device suitable for clipping onto the operator’s belt.

  10. TaKaDu

    TaKaDu is a leading provider of Integrated Event Management solution, enabling water utilities to improve efficiency and make smarter decisions. Using advanced statistical and mathematical algorithms, TaKaDu harnesses utility data, translating it into actionable insights and transforming the way water networks operate. The solution offers a comprehensive decision-making platform that can be integrated across the utility from the analyst monitoring the network to the executive team considering long-term strategic investments.