Product Showcase

  1. Structurally Supported Covers

    Geomembrane Technologies™ brand structurally supported covers consist of a high-strength, retractable sheet of coated fabric tensioned across a low-profile aluminum arched frame that spans the tank opening. This design effectively controls odor and algae—while still providing easy access for inspection and maintenance. 

  2. Biogas Collection Covers

    Geomembrane Technologies™ brand gas collection covers collect valuable biogas from anaerobic digestion systems. Custom-designed for tanks and lagoons of all sizes, the covers are gastight to contain odors and protect biogas from contamination. In waste-to-energy projects, the collected methane gas can be used as a renewable fuel to generate process heat or electricity, helping offset energy costs.

  3. Brackish Water RO Membrane

    Superior quality leads to repeat customers​
    LG Chem Water Solutions develops, manufactures and markets the next generation of BWRO elements for water treatment. We offer industry-standard 8-inch and 4-inch element configurations that retrofit easily into standard pressure vessels.

  4. Seawater RO Membrane

    Global project wins driven by performance​
    LG Chem Water Solutions develops, manufactures and markets the next generation of SWRO elements for desalination. We offer industry-standard 8-inch element configurations that retrofit easily into standard pressure vessels.

  5. Residential RO Membranes

    Grow your consumer business with LG Chem​
    LG Chem’s NanoH2O™ reverse osmosis elements for residential water treatment utilize advanced thin-film nanocomposite membrane technology to safely and effectively treat water for home use. These membranes deliver the reliability and quality customers from around the world have come to expect from LG Chem.

  6. Ultra-Reliable Level Sensing And Control

    Flygt’s Probe is the most reliable and cost-effective level sensor available in the water and wastewater industry today.

  7. SmartAerator™ TORNADO®

    Complete energy saving aeration solution for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. The SmartAerator provides up to 50% annual energy savings for wastewater treatment facilities. Ideal projects are those that require large horsepower aerators and projects with multiple aerators where energy savings would be significant.

  8. ADI® Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor (AnMBR)

    The state-of-the-art ADI® anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) system combines anaerobic digestion with physical separation membranes, resulting in maximum organic load removal and biogas production. The technology produces a superior effluent quality compared to any anaerobic technology on the market. The membrane barriers ensure complete solids retention, efficient system operation, and process stability at all times—even under peak hydraulic and organic loading conditions. 

  9. ADI-BVF® Reactor

    ADI Systems from Evoqua is the exclusive provider of the ADI-BVF® reactor, a stable and robust anaerobic digestion system that treats wastewater streams with moderate to high concentrations of organics (COD/BOD), suspended solids, and fat, oil, and grease (FOG)—typically without the need for primary treatment. The reactor can be configured as an in-ground earthen basin or an above-ground tank based on space availability.

  10. ADI® Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)

    Evoqua's ADI® membrane bioreactor (MBR) is an activated sludge treatment system that uses a physical membrane barrier for liquid-solids separation instead of traditional gravity clarification, thereby improving wastewater treatment performance. The MBR system’s long solids retention time and physical membranes work together to provide more consistent removal of organics, ammonia, and nitrogen than conventional activated sludge systems.