Product Showcase

  1. Flygt 3000/1300 Series

    Flygt has developed have developed the late stage configuration program to help reduce lead-times. Our Pewaukee facility is stocking motor drive units and hydraulic ends that can be assembled on demand from the field in a few days.

  2. Singer™ Model 106 / 206 PGM-2PR-630-SM Pressure Management Valve With Integral Backup

    A simple valve package that saves both water and money, the Model 106 / 206 PGM-2PR-630-SM is an extension of the 2PR-630 pressure management valve with safety back-up.

  3. MEMBRAY® NHP-Series MBR

    As part of Toray’s MEMBRAY MBR series, the NHP (New High Performance) module features thin membrane flat sheets that are densely packed into easily interchangeable cassettes. These cassettes allow for a higher packing density than what was originally thought possible with flat plate designs. The thin membranes are also highly flexible and allow for more movement, resulting in increased vibrations during aeration. This helps dislodge sludge and improve cleaning efficiency, all with less energy use. 

  4. Smarter Water Management

    Aquavista™ offers a wide and flexible range of digital solutions that respond to your challenges. From operators to management, Aquavista™ provides your plant personnel with a tool to efficiently manage plants and water treatment equipment.

  5. High-Speed Turbo Blower

    Construction and functional principle of a turbo blower of the current AERZEN AT and TB series are simple and at the same time effective. As the air supply of modern wastewater treatment plants is clearly designed for maximum availability, high energy efficiency and long maintenance cycles, AERZEN uses for the demanding bearing system within turbo blowers neither oil nor other lubricants - but simply air.

  6. FiltraFast™ Extreme-Rate Compressible Media Filter

    FiltraFast™ is a high-rate downflow gravity or pressure filter that uses a unique compressible media. The filter only uses hydraulic loading to create the required media porosity without any mechanical compressing devices. A proprietary backwash sequence enables maximum recovery, extends media life, and limits energy consumption. This process 1) significantly reduces the footprint compared to sand filters, and 2) reduces maintenance and replacement costs required by disc filters, and other compressible media filters.

  7. AMS Hydraulics For Submersible Sewage Pumps

    Wastewater has changed greatly in recent years, with increased solids content from water saving fixtures as well as the prevalence of plastics and man-made fibrous materials in sanitary and cleaning products. In order to ensure reliable operation with today’s challenging wastewater, our new AMS hydraulics rely on closed single-vane impellers with large free passages. Our impellers and volutes have been redesigned at the HOMA R&D center and optimized with the latest flow-simulation software and rigorous lab and field testing.  The result: clearly improved hydraulic efficiencies of up to 81%, with a simultaneously low risk of blockage with solids passage that meets or exceed the Ten States Standards. In combination with HOMA's proven submersible-motors, our new AMS hydraulics are setting the standard in economic efficiency and operational reliability.

  8. HOMA EffTec Initiative For Enhanced Station Efficiency

    Wastewater has changed greatly in recent years, with ever increasing solids content due to water saving measures variety of manmade materials used in cleaning products, etc.  In order to guarantee reliable operation, the EffTec series uses closed single-vane impellers with large free passages. The pump hydraulics were redesigned and optimized using the latest flow simulation software and rigorous field testing.

  9. Submersible A Series Wastewater Pumps

    HOMA submersible water and wastewater pumps operate worldwide in numerous domestic, municipal and industrial applications. Over 60 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of submersible pumps, plus uncompromising attention to quality with our ISO9001 compliance, ensure the utmost reliability and long service life of all HOMA products.

  10. HOMA Grinder Pumps (GRP Series)

    The goal of a grinder pump is to process solids, making them small enough to pass through the pump and discharge line without plugging. While most grinder pumps effectively compress the solids as they pass through the pump, permitting compressed stringy solids to reside in the pump when the unit is turned off, the HOMA grinder takes a different approach. Solids are processed with a dual-action cutter operating outside of the pump, below the impeller. The unique hardened cutter system is manufactured in stainless steel alloyed with cobalt, vanadium, and molybdenum. Both stationary and rotational cutters are hardened to a minimum of 55 Rockwell C and provide 13,800 cuts per minute.