Orenco Case Studies

  1. Luxury Resort Chooses AdvanTex® For Its Low Life-Cycle Costs

    A new luxury resort was planned for a scenic location just outside the small Greek village of Paliouri. With no municipal sewer available, the investors needed a decentralized wastewater treatment system. The system would have to consistently meet discharge limits, allow for future expansion, and offer low life-cycle costs. Also, it would need to operate with minimal odor or sound, so as to go unnoticed by guests.

  2. AdvanTex Proves Its Reliability In The Outback

    The cabins and store at the Wirib Tourism Park in the Northern Territory of Australia were served by an aerated wastewater treatment system (AWTS) that was aging, too small for peak flows, and unable to handle the park’s high-strength sewage. This resulted in untreated wastewater being dispersed not far from a local creek, creating health and environmental risks. The territorial EPA issued a notice to park custodians to address the failing AWTS or risk having the park closed.

  3. Planning For Sustainability In West Virginia

    The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) wanted an environmentally friendly method for disposing of the greywater generated by the 336 shower buildings at their showcase camping and training facility, the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve (SBR) in West Virginia.

  4. Evaluating Alternatives And Options

    Residents of Christiansburg, Ohio, already knew they had a problem with their onsite wastewater systems. System failures and odors were common, particularly during or shortly after significant rainfall.

  5. AdvanTex® Treatment System Chosen For Overall Low Life-Cycle Costs

    On the island nation of Cyprus, the Water Development Department needed a wastewater treatment system for an immigration processing center that was in the planning stages. 

  6. Scenic Community Threatened By Wastewater Crisis

    Located in rural New Zealand, the farming community of Piopio was in need of a wastewater treatment system. In this area where run-off from dairy farms into streams and rivers can be a cause for concern, failing septic tanks at individual homes and shops were also having an increasingly negative effect on the local environment.

  7. Effective AdvanTex Treatment Offers Cost Savings

    On the small island of St. Thomas, the Mountain Top condominium complex had a big problem: its sequencing batch reactor (SBR) was failing. And a replacement treatment system was needed quickly, because residents relied on the recycled wastewater for use both in toilet flushing and landscape irrigation. 

  8. Small-Town Mayor Tackles A Big Problem

    Public concern was mounting over the lack of adequate wastewater treatment for the vast majority of homes in Fulton, Alabama. High groundwater levels contributed to septic system failures at some residences, while many others had no septic system at all.

  9. Affordable Wastewater Collection And Treatment

    A modern, master-planned community in the Texas Hill Country needed an affordable wastewater collection and treatment system that could be installed in phases and would perform as reliably as a large municipal system but without the cost, odor, or need for a full-time operator.

  10. A Wastewater Solution With Low Capital Costs

    Along the Indian River Lagoon adjacent to Vero Beach, Florida, both residents and government officials were becoming increasingly concerned about excessive nutrient loads and pollution.