Labor News

  1. Utility Employee Injures Self In Facility Shooting Cover-Up

    When authorities arrived at a drinking water treatment plant in Maryland earlier this year, they thought they were responding to an attack on a utility employee. As it turns out, they now believe that employee injured himself.

  2. New Jersey Utility Workers Allegedly Took Bribes To Lower Bills

    Two employees of the water utility in New Brunswick, NJ, were indicted last month after they allegedly took bribes to lower customers’ bills.

  3. TRA CReWSers, Aqua Techs Win 2017 Operations Challenge Competition

    Two teams from Texas clinched first place in their respective divisions during the 30th annual Operations Challenge competition.

  4. Treatment Facility Employee Finds Body In Tulsa Reservoir

    The body of a fisherman was found at the reservoir in Tulsa, OK, last month.

  5. Krausz USA Presents Hymax Large Diameter Products At WEFTEC 2017

    Krausz USA announced recently that it will show its HYMAX Large Diameter products (HLDs) at the WEFTEC 2017 Exhibition in Chicago, October 2-4. Designed to couple pipes that are 14 to 60 inches in diameter, all HLDs require only four bolts to tighten compared to as many as 25 bolts for other similar sized couplings.

  6. Scholarships For Utility Staff To Visit Other Utilities With Innovations Of Interest

    Scholarships are available for utility personnel to visit other utilities with innovations of interest. The exchange, supported by WE&RF, WEF, and NACWA, provides an effective way for utilities to learn about and adopt new technologies quickly.

  7. DC Water Chief, A Leading Voice In The Industry, Is Resigning

    An influential leader in the water utility space is stepping down.

  8. The Hydraulic Institute Launches Its First Personnel Certification Program For Pump Systems Assessment Professionals (PSAP)

    Pumping systems account for over 40% of industrial energy usage, revealing a vast industry need for more reliable and more energy efficient systems.

  9. Amid Utility Labor Shortage, Pennsylvania Takes Action

    Those charged with treating our drinking water and wastewater are likely to share the sentiment that they are asked to do too much with too few resources.

  10. Envirosight Releases New Health And Hygiene Poster For Sewer Workers

    A new, free poster from Envirosight illustrates how sewer workers can protect themselves from workplace biohazards using personal protective equipment (PPE), developing proper hygiene habits and clean-up practices, and obtaining recommended vaccinations