Labor News

  1. Organs Found At Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant

    A bizarre discovery at a wastewater treatment plant in mid-December seems to have gruesome origins.

  2. Over 200 Individuals Now Certified For Jobs In Green Infrastructure Through National Training Program

    The Water Environment Federation (WEF) and DC Water announce that 106 individuals recently completed training and testing requirements for certification in construction, inspection, and maintenance of green infrastructure (GI), a fast-growing approach to reduce stormwater pollution.

  3. Illinois Water Official, Now Retiring, Remembered As Trailblazer For Women

    In the male-dominated water industry, Kyla Jacobsen stood out during her more than three decades of service.

  4. Water Companies Admit To Using Divining Rods For Leak Detection

    Water companies in the U.K. are using a questionable method for leak detection.

  5. Udal Sareak And TaKaDu Announce Contract Extension

    Udal Sareak, the Bilbao Bizkaia Water Consortium subsidiary responsible for managing the water distribution network of 70 municipalities and localities in the Bilbao area, has renewed its contract with TaKaDu, a global leader in Integrated Event Management solutions for the water industry, following a public tender.

  6. Employee Killed In Treatment Chemical Tank Explosion

    An employee was killed during a remarkable explosion at a wastewater treatment chemicals plant in North Carolina late last month.

  7. British Water Boosts International Business Mentor Team

    Industry association British Water has strengthened its team of International Business Mentors with the appointment of Shaun Stevens, business development manager, EPS Water.

  8. Worker Dies At Wastewater Plant In New York

    A worker died on the job at a wastewater treatment plant in Watertown, NY, on November 20.

  9. Navy Wastewater Treatment Plant Exposed Workers To Unsafe Conditions For Years

    Unsafe, potentially negligent, practices at a wastewater treatment plant in Washington state nearly killed employees according to a recent report.

  10. Water Worker Hospitalized After Trench Collapses

    A water department employee in Floyd County, GA, was trapped in a trench from the waist down for three hours on November 14, according to a report in The Atlanta Journal Constitution.