Labor News

  1. Scholarships For Utility Staff To Visit Other Utilities With Innovations Of Interest

    Scholarships are available for utility personnel to visit other utilities with innovations of interest. The exchange, supported by WE&RF, WEF, and NACWA, provides an effective way for utilities to learn about and adopt new technologies quickly.

  2. DC Water Chief, A Leading Voice In The Industry, Is Resigning

    An influential leader in the water utility space is stepping down.

  3. The Hydraulic Institute Launches Its First Personnel Certification Program For Pump Systems Assessment Professionals (PSAP)

    Pumping systems account for over 40% of industrial energy usage, revealing a vast industry need for more reliable and more energy efficient systems.

  4. Amid Utility Labor Shortage, Pennsylvania Takes Action

    Those charged with treating our drinking water and wastewater are likely to share the sentiment that they are asked to do too much with too few resources.

  5. Envirosight Releases New Health And Hygiene Poster For Sewer Workers

    A new, free poster from Envirosight illustrates how sewer workers can protect themselves from workplace biohazards using personal protective equipment (PPE), developing proper hygiene habits and clean-up practices, and obtaining recommended vaccinations

  6. Water Utility Officials Continue Responding To Harvey

    Water utility officials in the region struck by Harvey are using an array of safety protocols and strategies to respond to the storm and secure tap water service for residents.

  7. DC Water CEO/General Manager Hawkins To Step Down In December

    George S. Hawkins, CEO and General Manager of the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority, has notified the Board of Directors of his intention to step down from his current role as of December 29.

  8. Apprenticeship Excellence: The Backbone Of Future Business

    The UK’s leading resource management company, Veolia, has recognised the vital role apprenticeships play in its business by hosting its third consecutive National Apprentice of the Year Awards ceremony at the House of Commons.

  9. H2O Innovation: Utility Partners Renews Two Operation And Maintenance Contracts And Extends The Scope Of Work Of Two Municipal Projects

    H2O Innovation Inc. (“H2O Innovation” or the “Corporation”) is proud to announce that Utility Partners, LLC (“UP”), its business line providing operation and maintenance services (“O&M”) in the United States, recently renewed two (2) operation and maintenance contracts and extended the scope of work of two (2) municipal projects, totalling $5.1M, which bring the Corporation’s O&M business backlog to $53.3M, excluding the projects sales backlog.

  10. American Water Resources Collaborates With Dispatch To Improve The Customer Repair Experience

    A new agreement between American Water Resources and Dispatch will help deliver faster service when customers need repairs on their water and sewer service lines, in-home plumbing, and other home services covered under American Water Resources protection plans.