Industrial Water & Wastewater Treatment Videos

  1. MIOX Webinar: Oil & Gas Water Management

    MIOX recently expanded its product line by developing the Blackwater mobile water treatment system for oil and gas water management. MIOX is the leader in water treatment chemical and sodium hypochlorite generators. MIOX’s patented Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) electrochemical technology eliminates bacteria in produced water and frac flowback water.

  2. Industrial Solutions: The Role Of Grundfos Pumps

    All over the world, Grundfos pumps are working behind the scenes to power some of the most important industries. Here’s an inside look at the valuable role of Grundfos technology in enabling airline travel, manufacturing, food and beverage processing, and more.

  3. Chemical-Free Pretreatment Technology

    This video demonstrates the advantages of using OpenCEL technology for the pretreatment of secondary waste-activated sludge generated during advanced biological wastewater treatment. OpenCEL employs high frequency electrical pulses to break open biomass cell membranes, releasing soluble material that is more readily digested. Learn how the chemical-free technology can cut costs and recover energy.

  4. Shining a Light on Stormwater (Video)

    This video tells the story of how the community of East Bayfront converted an industrial area into a beautiful park that also acts as a neighborhood-wide stormwater treatment system, and what role the TrojanUVFit plays in the treatment train.