Huber Featured Articles

  1. HUBER Drum Screen LIQUID

    The characteristic feature of the HUBER Drum Screen LIQUID is its screen basket which is horizontally installed in the channel or in a tank.

  2. Fine Screening System: The More Intelligent Primary Clarifier

    In the discussion about limited resources and energy saving in sewage treatment plants innovative sewage treatment methods are increasingly becoming a focal point. In Germany, there are about 1,200 sewage treatment plants which are designed for 10,000 to 50,000 PE, about one third of them have a sludge digester. Thus, there is a potential of about 800 sewage treatment plants that remains for a change from aerobic sludge stabilisation to processes with anaerobic sludge stabilization.

  3. Grit Washer Helps Tarpon Springs Perfect Its Cleaning and Separation Process

    City staff were looking for an idea to remedy the logistical issues in the Tarpon Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant located in Pinellas County and known for being a small Greek community on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

  4. HUBER Technology, Inc Relocating Headquarters To Airlie Business Park

    A Lincoln County Industrial Incentive Grant request was presented Monday night, August 6th, to the board of commissioners by Lincoln Economic Development Association on behalf of HUBER Technology, Inc. Currently located in Mecklenburg County, HUBER has purchased property in Airlie Business Park in Denver to relocate their head-quarter functions initially and as a second phase, begin manufacturing operations in Lincoln County.

  5. STRAINPRESS® Helps Fort Worth Turn A Liability Into An Asset

    Scum is not a substance that anyone in a wastewater treatment plants wants to deal with. Scum, the greasy substance that floats to the surface of clarifiers, gets nastier as it accumulates. Some smaller wastewater treatment plants mix their scum back into other processing streams while other larger plants treat their scum separately. The City of Fort Worth takes a unique approach in managing its scum and now turns what was once a liability into an asset.

  6. Solving The Headworks Screening Challenge Of Fitting In Tight Spaces

    Oostburg’s Black River Falls facility is a lean operation with limitations in space for screening technology and in the staff resources available to manage, maintain and report on the Village’s processes. Even though space was limited, Oostburg knew that putting a headworks screening solution in place would improve their operational efficiency. Oostburg found the perfect solution using the Huber Technology RoK4 confined space vertical screen.

  7. Cardston’s Community Relationship Improves With Dewatering Technology Choice

    Cardston WWTP’s choice of a dewatering system to replace its belt press, Huber Technology Q-Press®, has a striking comparison to the plant’s previous technology in both the footprint and the attention it requires. The Cardston staff also noticed striking improvements in water separation, end-product dryness and offensive odor by-product.  Read more about how the Q-Press® helped Cardston become a better neighbor.

  8. Get The Inside View Of The Q-Press® Dewatering Sludge

    The inner workings of the Huber Technology Q-Press® is the star of this 3-D animated sequence showing how the sludge enters into the unit and its slow turning auger moves the sludge through the dewatering process. Featured as well as, is the automatic control of Huber Technology Q-Press® functions.

  9. Get A Big Bang For Your Buck With A Smart Selection

    The Huber Technology EscaMAX® gives control over what gets in the stream whereas their previous process gave them no way to prevent rag balls from flowing into pumps and mixers and causing slowdowns and clogs.

  10. Plants Are Transformed When Rag Reduction Makes More Room For Treatment

    Efficiency goals met! Life expectancy of expensive variable frequency drives increased! Ragging build-up on selector mixers all but eliminated! Reduction of debris from 25-30 gallons to a few handfuls! Highest possible percentage of inorganics removed from flow! Plant kept in amazingly consistent treatment mode! These are not the dreams of treatment plant supervisors but are actual results produced by EscaMAX® Perforated Screens.