Hot Products

  1. AMTAX™ sc Ammonium Analyzer

    The Hach AMTAX sc Ammonium Analyzer measures NH4-N concentrations as low as 0.02 mg/L and as high as 1000 mg/L. With a fast 5 minute response time, it enhances control of the nutrient removal process.

  2. PHOSPHAX™ sc Phosphate Analyzer

    The Phosphate Analyzer is environmentally controlled for rugged, outdoor installations, provides a wide measurement range for a variety of wastewater applications, and comes with the fully featured Plug & Play digital controller.

  3. Digital pHD sc

    PEEK, Convertible Body Style, 10m Cable, General Purpose Glass pH Electrode, Integrated Digital Electronics for Plug and Play Capability with Hach sc Digital Controllers.

  4. DR 900 Multiparameter Handheld Colorimeter for WasteWater Applications

    The hand-held DR 900 allows quick and easy access to your most-used testing methods. This colorimeter is waterproof, dustproof and field durable.

  5. HQ40d Portable Meter Kit

    Designed for water quality experts, the Hach HQ40d portable meter is an advanced meter that takes the guesswork out of measurements.

  6. Hach LDO Model 2 - Optical Process Dissolved Oxygen Probe

    Hach’s next generation LDO® (Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen) Probe requires no calibration for the entire 2 year life of the sensor cap, which means it is ready to start measuring your DO (Dissolved Oxygen) right out of the box. 

  7. RTC105 N/DN Module Real-Time Nitrification And De-Nitrification Control Solution

    Controls ON/OFF aeration through continuous measurement of ammonia and nitrate in the oxidation ditch or sequencing batch reactor

  8. TSS W sc, Suspended Solids InSitu Sensor With A Wiper

    TSS sc probes can measure both online suspended solids and turbidity in one instrument. They cover the total measurement range from the finest turbidity to solids over a wide range.

  9. Biotector Online TOC Analyzer

    Hach BioTector TOC Analyzers provide maximum uptime and reliability due to a patented self-cleaning oxidation technology that easily handles difficult samples and significantly reduces maintenance.

  10. TNTplus™ Chemistries

    A unique barcode label on each Hach TNTplus Vial Chemistry is automatically read by the spectrophotometer when used with Hach's DR spectrophotometers to identify the appropriate method and take the measurement.