Funding Solutions & Insight for Utility Managers

  1. Maximizing Water And Wastewater Opportunities

    This paper illustrates the significant trends and related growth opportunities in the water industry. It also demonstrates how creative financing solutions can help key players in this market take immediate action to implement comprehensive, cost-effective strategies in spite of constrained capital budgets.

  2. The Bible On Effective Utility Management

    The U.S. EPA and multiple water groups recently gathered during Water Week 2016 in Washington, D.C. to announce updates to an essential guide for effective utility management (EUM). If utilities aren't already familiar with this document, they need to be. 

  3. Raising Water Rates: What Message Works Best?

    I sympathize with water and wastewater utilities. Tasked with more responsibility than ever, too often they aren’t supported with the necessary financial resources. To draw a baseball analogy, apropos for this time of year, it's like trying to win the World Series with minimal payroll (capital improvement funds) and old, broken-down players (infrastructure).

  4. Taking CARE: Infrastructure And Resiliency For Those In Need

    The U.S. EPA’s WaterCARE program is providing 10 communities around the country with money and technical assistance to revamp their drinking and wastewater infrastructures.

  5. Vote Of Confidence: A Q&A With NAWC’s President-To-Be

    Martin A. Kropelnicki, whose presidency begins in October, talks lessons from Silicon Valley, the state of infrastructure, and the impacts of a changing environment.

  6. How Should Your Utility Purchase Equipment?

    Few tasks are as nerve-racking as making a purchasing decision. Making an investment in a piece of major equipment is necessary and can be exciting, but nobody wants to mess it up.

  7. 'Seize The Day' On New Water Technology

    When the time comes, will you be ready?

  8. Surprising Facts From The 'Value Of Water' Poll

    You may have seen the recent poll results announced by the Value of Water Coalition indicating near universal agreement (95 percent) on the need for reliable water systems, along with the somewhat surprising fact that a majority (60 percent) would agree to higher water bills to support them. The real surprise, however, is who is willing to pay the most.

  9. Unique Ways Of Accessing The Clean Water State Revolving Fund

    Communities across the country have been taking advantage of the Clean Water State Revolving Fund since its inception, using over $65 billion to date. With looming cuts to its budget, a recent webinar offered creative ways for communities to access the fund.

  10. $600 Million Plan To Help Flint Proposed By Senate Democrats

    A group of Congressional Democratic lawmakers from Michigan has proposed legislation to provide $600 million in financial assistance to help Flint deal with its current water crisis.