Funding Solutions & Insight for Utility Managers

  1. Is Progressive Design-Build Right For Water And Wastewater Capital Projects?

    Progressive design-build has emerged as a refined version of traditional options for pursuing capital projects. Is it the right fit for water and wastewater construction?

  2. A Foundation For Water’s Future

    The president of the Water Environment Federation discusses key organizational initiatives to improve the fate of the water/wastewater industry.

  3. How Will British Water Survive Brexit?

    Amid uncertainty of how, or if, business will continue in an independent UK, the industry trade association British Water is confident that it can help members navigate the new landscape.

  4. How To Evolve With Rising Water Prices

    The rising cost of water has forced utilities to evolve, in their practices and in the ways they interact with a public asked to pay higher rates.

  5. A Game Plan For Water Technology Innovation

    The Milken Innovation Center at the Jerusalem Institute has mapped out best practices for water industry innovation and a framework for converting ideas into action.

  6. The Future Costs Of Hurricane Damage

    The Congressional Budget Office released a report this month indicating that increases in hurricane damage and the resulting requests for federal aid will outpace the country’s economic growth. If these predictions come to fruition, utilities in coastal areas should be prepared to handle increased storm surges and recover without abundant federal aid.

  7. A Wise Investment: Convincing Congress Of State Revolving Funds

    A recent economics benefit analysis has found that increased investment into the Drinking and Clean Water State Revolving Funds will have robust benefits for the economy at large. But will it be enough to increase funding?

  8. How To Pursue Your Next Capital Project

    The Water Research Foundation will sponsor the creation of a digital tool for deciding on the best delivery methods for drinking water and wastewater capital improvement projects: design-build, design-bid-build, or construction manager at risk.

  9. DC Water Develops Its Own Future With Open Innovation

    In an effort to merge the roles of innovator and end user, DC Water launched an “open innovation” program that encourages employees to identify emerging technologies and upcoming regulatory changes, undertake scientific research, and ultimately make recommendations for new technologies or practices to be implemented.

  10. New President, New Vision For Water

    In the midst of this U.S. presidential race, a thought about Ronald Reagan (apolitical, I promise): Known as the “Great Communicator,” it’s certainly no coincidence that Reagan was an actor before becoming president; and honed communication skills, especially in times of trouble, are vital to effective leadership.