Funding Solutions & Insight for Utility Managers

  1. Building A Sustainable Solution For Wastewater Infrastructure

    The U.S. Department of Energy’s “Better Buildings” accelerator is the agency’s answer for an energy-efficient and ecologically conscious wastewater future.

  2. Are California’s Utilities Their Own Worst Drought Enemies?

    A bill under consideration in California would establish registry for energy use by the state’s water sector. Collecting that information could be a major step in stemming greenhouse gas emission and fighting drought.

  3. Workshopping The Water Quality Trading Market

    While several case studies demonstrate that participation in water quality trading markets can have dramatic economic benefits, relatively few communities participate. The U.S. EPA and USDA teamed up to find out why, hoping to increase participation.

  4. Testing The Future Of Wastewater For Small Towns

    A proposed program from the University of Iowa looks to provide affordable wastewater treatment to small communities through new technology.

  5. Is Progressive Design-Build Right For Water And Wastewater Capital Projects?

    Progressive design-build has emerged as a refined version of traditional options for pursuing capital projects. Is it the right fit for water and wastewater construction?

  6. A Foundation For Water’s Future

    The president of the Water Environment Federation discusses key organizational initiatives to improve the fate of the water/wastewater industry.

  7. How Will British Water Survive Brexit?

    Amid uncertainty of how, or if, business will continue in an independent UK, the industry trade association British Water is confident that it can help members navigate the new landscape.

  8. How To Evolve With Rising Water Prices

    The rising cost of water has forced utilities to evolve, in their practices and in the ways they interact with a public asked to pay higher rates.

  9. A Game Plan For Water Technology Innovation

    The Milken Innovation Center at the Jerusalem Institute has mapped out best practices for water industry innovation and a framework for converting ideas into action.

  10. The Future Costs Of Hurricane Damage

    The Congressional Budget Office released a report this month indicating that increases in hurricane damage and the resulting requests for federal aid will outpace the country’s economic growth. If these predictions come to fruition, utilities in coastal areas should be prepared to handle increased storm surges and recover without abundant federal aid.