Funding Solutions & Insight for Utility Managers

  1. B&V Talks CBP3s — Community-Based Public-Private Partnerships — For Stormwater Management

    Andrew Smith is the Watershed, Stormwater, and Flood Management Practice Lead at Black & Veatch, and was therefore a timely interview subject in the wake of hurricanes and storm damage still fresh in the minds of attendees at WEFTEC 2017.

  2. A Primer On Progressive Design-Build

    Most would agree that the traditional method of project delivery, design-bid-build, is fraught with issues. More and more, alternative delivery methods are cropping up, including progressive design-build. In this Water Talk discussion, Pete Thomson of Black & Veatch explains how progressive design-build works, its pros and cons, and how it compares to other delivery methods.

  3. Water Meter Upgrade Delivers More Than Accurate Readings

    Municipality benefits from guaranteed savings, reduced costs, and customer service accolades

  4. How To Access The EPA’s $10 Billion In Infrastructure Funding

    The U.S. EPA has established a digital clearinghouse to better connect the nation’s utilities with the infrastructure funding they need.

  5. Driving Resource Recovery With Scum Reuse

    As more wastewater operations begin reusing their byproducts, they are looking for new technologies to help them do so differently. A process developed in Minnesota could be the change they are looking for.

  6. Chief Concerns: AWWA CEO Discusses Industry Priorities

    AWWA's leader, CEO David LaFrance, talks about his organization's initiatives and how they respond to industry concerns that could ultimately pose a threat to water quality — AWWA's push for full lead service line replacement being a notable example.

  7. George Hawkins On How Innovation Can Fund Infrastructure

    In this interview, Hawkins details some of his Washington D.C. experience, discusses utility funding as it relates to consumer rates, and explains the role of innovation in surmounting challenges.

  8. Mapping Innovative Financing For Utility Projects

    A new interactive map from Stanford University presents a national picture of successful drinking water and wastewater projects achieved through pioneering funding models.

  9. Lessons From The Latest Water And Wastewater Rate Survey

    Rocky Craley of Raftelis Financial Consultants, the firm that conducted the 2016 Water and Wastewater Rate Survey along with the American Water Works Association (AWWA), discussed the takeaways of the annual survey in this edition of Water Talk.

  10. How To Turn Your Utility Into An Ideas Factory

    A new industry research report outlines a plan for fostering innovation from within water utilities, empowering them to become the solutions to their own emerging problems.