Funding Solutions & Insight for Utility Managers

  1. The 2016 Financial Guide To Utilities

    Credit rating agency Moody’s Investors Services issued a 12 to 18 month outlook for business conditions of municipal water and sewer utilities.

  2. The Chicago Way: Windy City Water Boss Addresses Top Threats, Solutions

    In many ways, Chicago is a tough act to follow — a world-class city of both great renown and infamy. The latter may engender thoughts of mobsters and political machinations, but when it comes to water, ‘the Chicago way’ is a model of achievement and leadership to be admired.

  3. The User’s Guide To Integrated Planning

    The Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF), the research branch of the waste and stormwater industry’s primary trade and lobbying group, is developing a set of tools and data to help communities pursue wastewater and stormwater projects that integrate multiple disciplines while complying with regulations and keeping costs down.

  4. Climate Change Ramifications For The Water Industry

    Climate change isn’t going away — not in the literal sense, not in public discourse, and probably not as a point of contention. While the big-picture initiative arising from COP21 was to halt global warming at 1.5°C, there are many smaller, more personal (but no less important) initiatives being taken on by water and wastewater professionals.

  5. Regulatory And Legislative Mechanisms For Water Efficiency

    Although improving water efficiency, energy efficiency and conservation are increasingly viewed as essential elements of public policy, under most current rate structures, water utilities are rewarded for selling more water — the antithesis of the efficiency and conservation ethic.

  6. Utilities Under Fire: Why Rate Hikes Are A Scary Proposition

    A true story (and disturbing image) of rate-increase resistance from the front lines

  7. What Happens When Conservation Leaves Revenue Short?

    Citing a $380 million need for infrastructure improvements and treatment costs, the LADWP Commissioners approved a “pass-throsource-water-scarcityugh charge” of $1.80 more a month for the average consumer, to begin next year and last until 2017.

  8. Making The Most From Wastewater

    Wastewater plant managers are well aware that they can put a price tag on the water they treat and the byproducts that result. But many still wonder: what number should that tag show and where will they find the highest bidder?

  9. The Case For Decentralized Wastewater Treatment

    Is on-site wastewater treatment the wave of the future? Two representatives from Infiltrator Water Technologies discuss the benefits.

  10. Jersey Strong: A Q&A With Public Utility Commissioner Mary-Anna Holden

    Commissioner Mary-Anna Holden has been on the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities since 2012. As a mayor and councilwoman of Madison, NJ for 14 years, Holden chaired the water and wastewater utilities.