Evoqua Press Releases

  1. Evoqua And ICS Healy-Ruff Sign Agreement To Support Control Systems In The Water And Wastewater Market

    Evoqua Water Technologies LLC and ICS Healy-Ruff have signed an agreement for ICS Healy-Ruff to become the exclusive national distributor of Evoqua Intra-Link Control Systems products.

  2. 100 Years Of Leadership In Safe Drinking Water Chlorination

    The Evoqua legacy in chlorination began 100 years ago with one of the most significant public health advancements of the millennium - the 1913 Wallace & Tiernan installation of the first chlorinator in a public drinking water system.

  3. Evoqua Introduces AquaCarb CX Series Coconut Shell-Based Activated Carbons For Surface Water Treatment

    Evoqua Water Technologies introduces the AquaCarb CX Series of coconut shell-based activated carbons, an addition to the company’s Westates carbon product line for the North American market.