Evoqua Press Releases

  1. AEA Investors LP Completes Acquisition Of Siemens Water Technologies; New Company To Be Evoqua Water Technologies

    AEA Investors LP has secured regulatory approvals and closed on an agreement to acquire the municipal, industrial and services water and wastewater treatment operations and assets of Siemens Water Technologies LLC. The new company now will be Evoqua Water Technologies LLC.

  2. ETS Secures Regulatory Agency Approval For Pasteurized Equivalent Water For Use In Dairy Plants In The US

    ETS has received notification that a number of ETS medium pressure UV systems have successfully demonstrated regulatory compliance with the 2011 Pasteurized Milk Ordinance Appendix H Subsection IX (Accepted process for creation of Pasteurized Equivalent Water – Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection of Water) for use in dairies across the United States.

  3. Neptune-Benson Names Kenneth Rodi CEO

    Neptune-Benson, leading manufacturer of commercial aquatic filtration systems, ultraviolet disinfection systems and aquatics components is pleased to announce Mr. Kenneth Rodi has joined the Neptune-Benson team as Chief Executive Officer.

  4. Evoqua Introduces CoMag System For High Rate Clarification Of Industrial Water And Wastewater Treatment

    Evoqua Water Technologies magnetite ballasted CoMag® System, a proven solution for municipalities to increase water and wastewater treatment plant clarification performance in confined footprints, is now available for industrial water and wastewater treatment applications. 

  5. City Of Moline, IL Selects Engineered Treatment Systems (ETS, LLC) As UV System Provider For City Drinking Water

    The Utility serves a population of 43,500 people and the drinking water plant is fed by the Mississippi River.

  6. Evoqua Introduces Compact, Modular MEMCOR® CP II Ultrafiltration System For Industrial And Municipal Water Treatment Applications

    Evoqua Water Technologies has introduced the MEMCOR® CP II modular, pre-engineered ultrafiltration membrane system with a best-in-class, compact footprint and the latest MEMCOR PVDF membrane technology to simplify set-up, improve performance and reduce installation and operations costs

  7. ACEC Awards Tighe & Bond For Plant Upgrade With Innovative Evoqua BioMag® And CoMag® Water Treatment Systems

    The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Massachusetts has awarded Tighe & Bond its prestigious Gold Award for its work at the Town of Sturbridge, MA wastewater treatment plant using an innovative combination of Evoqua Water Technologies BioMag® and CoMag® Systems.

  8. Retrofit Brush Rotors With Disc Aerators: Increase Capacity And Performance

    When brush rotors approach their useful life, a prudent upgrade option is to replace them with Disc Aerators from Evoqua.  Existing tanks can be used.  Disc Aerators allow for improved mechanical efficiency, simpler operation, and lower energy and maintenance costs.   Their rugged, durable plastic design is lightweight and compatible with existing structures, and does not require baffles or additional mixing equipment for oxygen transfer.  The Evoqua product is proven and backed by four decades of installation expertise. 

  9. Magnetite Ballasted Treatment – Simple, Reliable And Proven

    The BioMag™ and CoMag™ Systems from Evoqua infuse magnetite into conventional biological and chemical floc making it heavier and dramatically improving settling. The BioMag™ System is applied to activated sludge systems.

  10. Evoqua Water Technologies Marks 100 Years Of Water Treatment Innovation And Industry Leadership

    Evoqua Water Technologies is marking a century of industry innovation and leadership with the 100-year anniversary of the first chlorine gas metering unit for water disinfection, a milestone breakthrough in the fight against waterborne disease.