Endress+Hauser Products

  1. Deltabar M PMD55

    The Deltabar M PMD55 differential pressure transmitter can be used for flow measurement of gases, vapors and liquids. Typical applications also include level, volume and mass measurement of liquids. 

  2. Prosonic Flow B200

    The biogas market is booming. No wonder, as the gas obtained from fermentation of energy crops, organic waste, liquid manure, sewage sludge or leftover plant materials can be used in a variety of beneficial ways – including fueling vehicles or generating heat and electricity in combined heat and power plants.

  3. Promag 400 / Promag 800

    Whether drinking water, industrial water or wastewater, whether in urban or rural areas – water has become a scarce resource due to worldwide population growth and the associated urbanization. 

  4. Liquiline CM442/CAS51D Combination

    In-situ UV sensor With this sensor it is possible to measure nitrate directly in the medium.

  5. Orbipac CPF81D

    Orbipac CPF81D is a compact pH electrode with Memosens technology for flow or immersion installation in industrial water and wastewater.

  6. Viomax CAS51D

    Viomax CAS51D is a digital, photometric sensor for the measurement of SAC or nitrate. It is based on the Memosens protocol and stands out by its high long-term stability and low maintenance requirements.

  7. Orbisint CPS12D

    Orbisint CPS12D is a digital ORP electrode with Memosens technology and reference electrode. Its dirt-repellent PTFE diaphragm is suitable for standard applications in process and environmental technology.

  8. Orbisint CPS11D

    Orbisint CPS11D is a digital pH electrode with Memosens technology for standard applications in process and environment technology. It is designed with a dirt-repellent PTFE diaphragm and a built-in temperature sensor.

  9. Chloromax CCS142D

    Chloromax CCS142D is a digital sensor with Memosens technology for determining free chlorine. It is a membrane-covered amperometric sensor for process and drinking water applications.


    EZ-TOC II CA52TOC is an analyzer for continuous real-time TOC measurement in water and wastewater.