Eaton Videos

  1. Step In To the Industrial Controls In Motion Trailer

    Interact with 40 feet of Eaton innovations that help you understand how they can help you work smarter, cut costs, increase energy efficiency and keep you safe.

  2. XV300 Series HMI and HMI-PLC Video

    The XV300 HMI and HMI-PLC is an exciting new high performance product that provides an iPad -like multi-touch interface for industrial MOEMs. The combination of extremely fast logic resolution with CoDeSys 3 logic software, the IEC-61131 de-facto standard, combined with Eaton’s advanced Visual Designer graphics and SCADA software is a giant leap forward in Eaton’s solution offerings in Automation.

  3. Harmonics Mitigation Techniques — What You Need To Know

    The Power Systems Experience Center (PSEC) is a safe, controlled environment where you can participate in training and observe testing and product demonstrations first hand.

  4. Active Energy Control Introduction

    A brief introduction to Eaton’s Active Energy Control, only available on Eaton variable frequency drives. Watch the full video to learn more.

  5. How To Prevent Pump Dead Head

    In this video we explore the best way to protect your pump from the damaging effects of a dead head or other under loaded conditions like a starved or dry pump. Watch this video to learn how to prevent your pump from dead head with the C445.

  6. Ease of Connectivity With C445

    The Power Xpert C445 motor management relay provides the highest level of monitoring accuracy and protection for the entire power system-from the incoming power source feeding the motor all the way to the individual pump or load. Watch this instructional video to learn how to use C445s memory backup module.

  7. Variable Frequency Drives

    In this video, Eaton discusses the benefits of variable frequency drives and their application in commercial and industrial facilities.