Drinking Water Regulations News Features

  1. Fluoride Bans On The Rise

    An increasing number of towns are banning the addition of fluoride to water, a common practice across the country.

  2. Scientific Community Decries EPA Push To Restrict Research

    The U.S. EPA under Trump administration is considering a major overhaul of how it assesses scientific research, a move that critics say could render the agency more toothless in protecting the drinking water supply.

  3. Report: Texas Ranks First In Water Violations

    Ranking Texas worst-in-nation for water violations, a new report is raising questions about whether Texas regulators are doing enough to protect the water supply.

  4. Water Legislation Could Spread Clean Water Access

    California lawmakers are considering a drinking water proposal that water agencies see as a threat of unnecessary fees. Proponents say it will spread access to clean water, which many California residents still lack.

  5. EPA Declares War On Lead Contamination

    Three years after lead contamination in the drinking water of Flint, MI, launched a full-fledged national crisis, the U.S. EPA has expressed its commitment to solving the problem in no uncertain terms.

  6. Treatment Plant With Dead Rodents Had Ignored Problems For Years

    Apparently, one of the most unsettling water treatment reports to make headlines last year was even worse than many realized.

  7. Amid Lead Challenges, State Heightens Pittsburgh Water Oversight

    As Pittsburgh faces high lead levels in city drinking water, Pennsylvania is considering a proposal to increase state oversight of the struggling water system.

  8. Wait For Water Lines Tops 1,000 Days In North Carolina Community

    Residents in North Carolina recently marked their 1,000th day without access to clean drinking water in their homes.

  9. Pruitt Describes EPA’s 2018 Agenda: Scaling Back Regulations And Staff

    In laying out the U.S. EPA’s agenda for 2018, Administrator Scott Pruitt indicated that the agency would focus on scaling back Obama-era clean water regulations while ramping up the fight against lead contamination in public drinking water.

  10. Regulators: Trenton Water System Threatens Public Health

    New Jersey’s top environmental regulator says alleged failures at Trenton’s water utility could pose a threat to public health.