Drinking Water Products

  1. Market Research Report: Small Molecule Sterile Injectable Drug Manufacturing Market Overview And Outlook

    This market research report’s data comes from outsourcing decision-makers and has been designed to help you determine which outsourcing option is best for your organization as it relates to small molecule sterile injectable drug product manufacturing. You’ll learn more about industry practices and CMO usage patterns, and get an overview of the current market dynamic – as well as insight into what those surveyed believe the market will look like by 2022.

  2. N2O/CO Analyzer (Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Monoxide)

    LGR's N2O/CO Analyzer (Nitrous Oxide and Carbon Monoxide Analyzer) is the first instrument capable of continuously measuring ambient levels of nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide (with precision better than 0.1 ppb in 1 second) in real time (data rates to 10 Hz with optional external pump). Users can set up the instrument in minutes. Since CO is an excellent tracer of anthropogenic emissions, simultaneous measurements of CO and N2O can allow scientists to correlate the sources of N2O emissions.  TheN2O/CO Analyzer now also simultaneously measures water vapor  mole fraction. As a result, the instrument reports N2O and CO on a dry mol basis (accurately corrects for water vapor dilution and absorption line broadening effects) without the need for sample drying or empirical corrections.   (For simultaneous high precision measurements of CO and CO2, please refer to LGR's CO/CO2 Analyzer.)

  3. High Potency API (HPAPI) Development & Manufacturing

    Piramal Pharma Solutions (PPS) is pleased to welcome Ash Stevens LLC as a part of the Piramal Group. Leveraging five decades of Ash Stevens’s operational experience and technical expertise, Piramal’s service offering now includes High Potency API (HPAPI) development and manufacturing capabilities. Located in Riverview, USA, our state-of the-art FDA licensed cGMP facility offers a full range of scale and containment options for high potency API manufacturing.

  4. Learn How

    GaN: The Industry's Hot Technology

    GaN is the semiconductor industry's "hot" technology for defense and commercial applications.

  5. Methane/Acetylene Analyzer (CH4, C2H2, H2O)

    LGR’s Methane/Acetylene Analyzer is the world’s most advanced instrument for simultaneous measurements of methane, acetylene and water vapor. Quite simply, no other analyzer provides higher performance.

  6. Injection Skids

    Mazzei injection systems are designed using the Mazzei’s patented technologies to obtain the most efficient mixing and contacting of air, oxygen, ozone or chemicals into a water stream.

  7. Market Research Report: Risk-Based Monitoring: Improving The Clinical Trial Site Experience

    Advances in technology have allowed risk-based monitoring to become more frequently implemented in clinical trials. This market research report explores the impact technology has had on the implementation of RBM on clinical trial operations as experienced by site personnel.

  8. ETS-UV™ For Water Reuse

    Given the critical shortage of drinking water in many regions, advanced treatment and reuse of wastewater is becoming increasingly common as municipalities address water demands and shrinking supplies.

  9. SCOUT Hydro Profiling System

    The Reliant Water Technologies SCOUT Hydro Profiling System is the answer to obtaining clear and concise shallow water survey data quickly and inexpensively. By not only providing a visual hydrographic ‘picture’ of everything underwater, in any shallow body of water, the SCOUT also provides the volume of sludge in the water body (as well as the volume of free water). The ‘picture’ provided is color enhanced in order to provide clear, definitive delineation of variable depths of sludge, or debris, and includes multi-point water depth over-lays.

  10. Market Research Report: Biosimilars Manufacturing: Key Considerations And Expected Outsourcing Practices (3rd Edition)

    CMOs looking to capitalize on the biosimilars boom need to understand how to manufacture such a complex product in a cost-efficient manner. The data in this market research report includes perspectives from outsourced manufacturing decision makers involving the selling and manufacturing of biosimilars, their expectations regarding how much biosimilar manufacturing is expected to be outsourced, how they feel about outsourcing to particular CMOs, and some of the bigger challenges involved in biosimilar manufacturing.