Drinking Water Filtration News

  1. Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. Celebrates 45 Years Of Servicing The Water & Wastewater Industry

    Aqua-Aerobic Systems is proud to celebrate 45 years of providing exceptional products and customer service to the wastewater treatment industry. What began as a small manufacturing company in 1969 has grown to be a recognized applied engineering company and leader in total water management solutions.

  2. Seawater Desalination Project Opens In Singapore

    The Singapore national water agency PUB and desalination solutions provider Hyflux have opened Tuaspring Desalination Plant, a seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination plant.

  3. Former Thames And American Water CEO Joins Board Of Graphene Filtration Company G2O

    G2O Water Technologies Limited (G2O), the graphene innovation and application company, announces that former CEO of Thames Water and American Water Jeremy Pelczer has joined the board.

  4. Koch Membrane Systems Announces PURON MP Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Product Line

    Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. (KMS), a world-class developer and manufacturer of innovative membranes and membrane filtration systems, announced recently its PURON MP hollow fiber product line.

  5. NeoTech Aqua Solutions, Inc. Welcomes Randy Truby To Its Board Of Directors

    NeoTech Aqua Solutions, Inc., the industry leader in High-Efficiency Ultra-Violet (UV) water treatment systems proudly announces the addition of Randy Truby to its Board of Directors.

  6. Yale University's Menachem Elimelech Appointed To Desalitech Advisory Board

    Desalitech, a provider of high efficiency water treatment solutions, announced that desalination and membrane expert Dr. Menachem Elimelech will now serve as a company advisor.

  7. Low Energy, Cost Saving Elements Keep The Beer Flowing

    Breweries need power to produce their products, and power plants need consistent, high-quality water to operate effectively. Since source water varies based on location, water chemistry, and time of year, a power station for a major brewer in North America turned to Dow Water & Process Solutions and Consolidated Water Solutions to deliver a means to a flavorful, robust and satisfying end.

  8. Desalitech And Nexom Win 2017 Best Employers To Work For In The Water And Wastewater Industry

    Hunter Crown, a boutique Executive Search and Recruiting company, launched a new annual contest to recognize the best employers in the water and wastewater industry.

  9. Plasma-Treated Nano Filters Help Purify World Water Supply

    The study paves the way for the next generation of portable water purification devices, which could provide relief to the 780 million people around the world who face every day without access to a clean water supply.

  10. Combating California’s Drought With Energy Efficient Technologies

    As the United States forecast a surge in energy demand and consumption over the winter period, Biwater and NeoTech Aqua team up to highlight their energy-saving work in California, centred on a new and innovative water reuse demonstration project with the Padre Dam Municipal Water District.