Desalination News

  1. WateReuse Association Applauds Introduction Of The Drought Resiliency And Water Supply Infrastructure Act

    On Thursday, June 20, Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Cory Gardner (R-CO) introduced the Drought Resiliency and Water Supply Infrastructure Act, which will help communities throughout the Western states create drought-proof water supplies.

  2. IDE Technologies To Provide Reverse Osmosis Solutions For Singapore’s Jurong Island Desalination Plant

    IDE Technologies, a world leader in desalination and water treatment solutions, today announced it has been awarded the contract to deliver a reverse osmosis (RO) system for the Jurong Island Desalination Plant (JIDP).

  3. DOE Launches Wave Energy Water Desalination Prize Competition

    Today, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) officially opened the first stage of the Waves to Water Prize, which seeks to accelerate the development of wave energy powered desalination systems and launch novel technologies to address critical water security challenges.

  4. Decentralized Treatment Plant Uses Ultrafiltration To Provide Safe, Economical Drinking Water To Egyptian Communities

    Facing absolute water scarcity, Egypt records approximately one inch of total rainfall each year. As the country’s population expands, the demand for safe drinking water only continues to grow.

  5. Desalinating Water In A Greener And More Economical Way

    We know that excessive consumption, industrial activity and growth in the global population are some of the factors threatening access to drinking water for an increasing proportion of people around the world.

  6. The 2019 IDA World Congress To Offer Outstanding Opportunities For Insights And Interaction

    The 2019 IDA World Congress: Crossroads to Sustainability is set to take place October 20-24 in Dubai, and expectations are high that this edition of the International Desalination Association’s flagship event will set new standards in knowledge-sharing and interaction among stakeholders representing all sectors of advanced water treatment around the world.

  7. LONGi High-Efficiency PV Panels Used In Pilot UNSW Water Treatment Project

    The University of New South Wales (UNSW) kicked off its scientific academician expert panel roadshow in Yixing Central Science Park in Jiangsu, the site of the esteemed university's first overseas Technology R&D Transformation Center.

  8. A Rose Inspires Smart Way To Collect And Purify Water

    The rose may be one of the most iconic symbols of the fragility of love in popular culture, but now the flower could hold more than just symbolic value. A new device for collecting and purifying water, developed at The University of Texas at Austin, was inspired by a rose and, while more engineered than enchanted, is a dramatic improvement on current methods.

  9. Innovation To Reduce Environmental Impact From Oil And Gas Industry Operations While Reducing Costs Of Production

    A strong economy and a clean environment go hand-in-hand. That’s why the Government of Canada is supporting the development of technologies that lead to less pollution, healthier communities and the creation of well-paying middle-class jobs.

  10. Jacobs Wins Global Water Awards For Innovative, Sustainable Water Work

    Jacobs (NYSE:JEC) has been recognized for its innovative, technical and sustainable achievements in the international water sector