Contaminant Removal News

  1. Outsmarting Pathogens: Research Aims To Solve Key Filtration Challenges

    By the year 2025 it is projected that nearly 2 billion people will live in areas of water scarcity.

  2. ItN Nanovation AG Obtains A Binding Order For Water Treatment Plants For The Iranian Market

    ItN Nanovation AG has received a binding order for peripheral water treatment plants for Iran. The order value amounts to over € 2M.

  3. Amid Harvey, Houston Drinking Water Facilities Remain Operational

    The devastation wrought by Tropical Storm Harvey has Houston residents bracing for interruptions to tap water availability and safety, but officials are working to assure them that it is safe to drink from faucets.

  4. U.S. Students Win 2017 Stockholm Junior Water Prize For Project To Detect, Purify Water For Bacteria

    Two U.S. high school students – Rachel Chang and Ryan Thorpe of Manhasset, N.Y. – have won the world’s most prestigious competition for water-related research for their novel approach to detect and purify water contaminated with bacteria.

  5. Texas Town Confronts Brown Water Coming From Taps

    Residents of River Oaks, TX, are tired of drinking brown tap water, but a solution is not expected until October.

  6. San Diego Man Tried To Poison Drinking Water

    San Diego police are investigating a potential crime after surveillance video appeared to show a man poisoning a homeowner’s drinking water.

  7. In New Hampshire, Citizens Take PFC Concerns Into Their Own Hands

    Concern that government regulators are failing to adequately address perfluorinated compound (PFC) contamination has prompted New Hampshire locals to begin their own research into the health effects of these pollutants.

  8. Growing Awareness Of Water Treatment Methods, Says National Public Opinion Study

    Awareness of water treatment methods increased over the past two years among U.S. consumers, according to a national public opinion study, with 92 percent of respondents aware of in-pitcher or end-of-tap filters, up from 84 percent in 2015.

  9. GE To Upgrade Florida Drinking Water Treatment Plant To Improve Water Quality

    GE Water & Process Technologies recently announced that it will supply its advanced water treatment equipment for an upgrade of the Lake Manatee Water Treatment Plant in Florida.

  10. OriginClear Removes Glyphosate, Present In Up To 70% Of Drinking Water

    OriginClear Inc., a leading provider of water treatment solutions, recently announced that recent testing in the La Kretz Advanced Prototyping Center demonstrated the ability to virtually eliminate the herbicide glyphosate from drinking water by up to 99.3%. A summary report of the test is available at