Articles by Peak Johnson

  1. Amid Waterline Repairs, Tennessee Residents Told To Boil Their Water

    Last month, residents of Erin, TN, received news that water service would slowly be returning to their homes after repairs had been made on three waterline breaks.

  2. Despite Rumors Following Chemical Spill, Atlanta Assures That Drinking Water Is Safe

    Last month, about 250 gallons of benzoyl chloride, a compound that is used in medicines, dyes, and resins, spilled on Interstate 85 in Atlanta, GA.

  3. Drinking Water Linked To 400 Military Bases To Be Tested For Contamination

    Drinking water contamination via military bases is nothing new.

  4. Modesto Placed On Notice By State After Wastewater Discharge

    The city of Modesto, CA, was issued a notice of violation last month for discharging an estimated 755 million gallons of partially treated wastewater into the San Joaquin River.

  5. Oil Contaminates Rochester Wastewater Treatment Facility

    In recent weeks, nearly 100 gallons of oil has contaminated the wastewater treatment facility serving Rochester, NH. The oil is thought to be hydraulic fluid or used motor oil that entered into the plant’s system over the course of three days.

  6. Limited Water Use Could Hinder Efforts To Curb East Chicago’s Lead Problem

    East Chicago, IN, is having persistent problems with its drinking water.

  7. Despite Efforts For Compliance, Lancaster Notifies Residents Of Drinking Water Violation

    After sending out a public notice earlier this year to almost 40,000 customers who drink water from the Susquehanna River about a water violation, the city of Lancaster, PA, has sent a follow up notice regarding the violation.

  8. Following E. Coli Contamination, San Diego Issues Boil Water Advisory

    Earlier this month, a water boil advisory was issued by the County of San Diego’s Department of Environmental Health for a local water system that tested positive for E. coli.

  9. EPA Refutes Rumors Of Great Lakes Office Shutdown

    Month ago, in order to increase federal spending for the military, President Donald Trump proposed significant cuts to the U.S.

  10. For Years Californians Have Been Drinking Water Contaminated By Carcinogen

    For some time, California has been struggling to control a probable human carcinogen called 1,2,3-trichloropropane (TCP) in its drinking water.