Aeration and Blowers Articles

  1. How To Get A Biodigester At Your Plant

    A wastewater treatment facility in Michigan has begun the complicated process of vetting a new, significant technology upgrade to its operations. What can you learn from its experience?

  2. Starving Bacteria Could Mean Energy-Neutral Wastewater Treatment

    Increasingly, sewage is being seen less as waste and more as a potential source of energy.

  3. After Sulfur Smell Hits San Francisco, Some Suspect Wastewater Treatment Odors

    Last month, residents of San Francisco were accosted by a smell that is all too familiar to certain wastewater treatment plants. The scent of rotten eggs wafted through the air.

  4. Possibilities For Reducing Aeration Through Carbon Diversion Technologies

    Water resource recovery facilities (née wastewater treatment plants) move further toward the goal of net-zero energy with technologies that maximize carbon recovery while minimizing energy-sapping aeration.

  5. The Advantages Of Automating Wastewater Treatment

    Wastewater treatment operations are beginning to embrace the power of automation. How can it help? And how is it implemented?

  6. ESCO Analysis: 5 Steps To WWTP Energy Efficiency

    How do energy savings performance contracts work? An energy services company (ESCO) breaks down the process and shares recent results from a participating wastewater treatment plant (WWTP).

  7. Debate Over Phosphorus Reduction Brews In Utah

    The city of Provo, UT, may have to make a big investment in its phosphorus problem. By 2020, it must assure that every liter of discharge from its municipal treatment plants contain only 1 milligram of phosphorus, as mandated by the state’s Division of Water Quality (DWQ), according to the Daily Herald.

  8. Maryland Electric Utility Must Pay Millions For Wastewater Violation

    Wastewater discharge violations at the two largest coal-fired power plants in Maryland will cost electric utility company NRG Energy a significant chunk of change.

  9. 4 Key Design Criteria For Jet Mixers

    Jet mixers are widely used in both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities to blend the plant influent and suspend light organic solids in circular equalization tanks. 

  10. Turning Problems Into Profit: WWTP Creatively Solves Phosphorus Challenge

    A Chicago-area wastewater reclamation plant has found an innovative solution for their phosphorus problem. They’re going to turn it into fertilizer, stopping regulatory issues before they start, and eventually making a profit in the process.