AdEdge Water Technologies Products

  1. Integrated Membrane Solutions (IMS) Featuring Reverse Osmosis Packages

    Designed for tap, well, or surface water applications, AdEdge Integrated Membrane RO Solutions reduce total dissolved solids using advanced membrane technology. Because almost all RO systems require pre-treatment for contaminates such as iron, manganese, suspended solids or organics, AdEdge offers a complete integrated treatment system for a total treatment solution.

  2. Water Treatment Solutions For Arsenic, Iron and Manganese

    The Adedge solution for Water Treatment Systems is specially designed for the removal of arsenic and other metals from drinking water in applications that service a population of fewer than 10,000 users

  3. Adsorption-Based Treatment Systems For Arsenic Removal

    Adedge Water Technologies provides a line of pre-engineered, packaged industrial wastewater treatment systems designed for removal of heavy metals from groundwater and industrial wastewater using AD33 adsorption media