Hot Products

  1. Filtration: FA Series Air and Gas Filters

    Shelco's FA Filtration Series are ideal for all types of gases and compressed air filtration.

  2. Multi Tube Filter Series

    The Shelco Multi-tube series housings are constructed of carbon steel

  3. Filtration: Pleated Paper Filter Series

    Shelco's Pleated Paper Series housings are the most versitile filtration units produced in the industry.

  4. Pleated Paper II Filter Series

    Shelco's pleated paper series housings are the most versitile units produced in the industry

  5. SF Filter Series

    The SF series is manufactured for high purity clean service applications

  6. MicroSentry Wound

    A family of precision wound depth-type cartridges

  7. MicroSentry Pleated

    MicroSentry Phenolic resin pleated paper cartridges are very effective for high flows and heavy dirt loads.

  8. MicroSentry Absolute

    The Shelco Microsentry Absolute Cartridge is a high efficiency, pleated media cartridge designed and tested to deliver 99.99% retention of particles at its published rating.