XP Solutions Articles

  1. In Engineering, Change Is Good

    Earlier this year, a small, simple internet meme on Linkedin caught my eye.  The meme contrasted the present state of “What is” and “What we need” against a future of the state of “What could be” and “What should be.”   As I pondered this meme, a key unspoken element apparent to me is the requirement and ability to embrace change.  Change can be difficult.  Change is also known for being uncomfortable, stressful and fraught with uncertainty.    

  2. Continuous Simulation: Make Stormwater Assets Great Again

    More than 20 years ago I wrote a Master’s Thesis about software tools that could be put together with EPA SWMM to create a toolbox for very long term continuous simulation for stormwater and watershed simulations. I was inspired at the time by Dr. William James who was my advisor for that research. 

  3. Every Drop Counts — A Call To Innovation

    A Request for Startups post on January 3rd on the Y Combinator Blog caught my eye. The blogger talked about the need to prepare for things to get worse with regard to climate change, and called for applications for funding from those working on new technologies that could inexpensively produce clean water.

  4. Rise Of The Stormwater Design Machines? I Don’t Think So.

    Conversation at the 2016 SESWA Stormwater BMPs, LID and Green Infrastructure Seminar in Atlanta GA that I attended recently touched upon the idea of computers taking our jobs and ‘Engineering Bots’. This has of course happened in other industries, but I didn’t anticipate it happening in the stormwater planning, design and management world.

  5. Get More Out of Water Resources Engineering Models

    The effort required to develop water resources engineering models can be significant. But once developed, in many instances the models are only evaluated for a limited, or a single set of conditions. The results and predictions obtained from these evaluations are the ones used in design, presented in reports and conveyed to decision makers and the public.

  6. XP Solutions Revolutionizes The Stormwater Design Process With XPDRAINAGE 2017: Automated Stormwater Design With CAD Integration

    XP Solutions, a world leading provider of environmental engineering software solutions that instill confidence, proudly announces the release of XPDRAINAGE 2017.

  7. Your Water System Is Not Cold, Lifeless Pipes; It Acts And Reacts To Everything It Sees

    You may have heard about the tragedy in Flint, Michigan — but to keep everyone on the same page the water in that system has turned toxic.

  8. Is 'Going By The Book' Enough For Flood Mitigation?

    Living near water requires that we plan for situations when we have too much of it. Throughout history we have dealt with flooding when weather events exceed “normal” parameters.

  9. Things To Consider In Detention Basin Design

    XP Solutions in Brisbane recently presented a webinar on the design of detention basins. In response to the session, the support team were asked a number of questions on some of the other options that are available to engineers and designers of these systems as well as specific requirements that may need to be addressed. The following items apply within the Australian context but are applicable across the world.

  10. Model-Driven Development

    There is a name for your organizational structure, even if you've never given it any thought.  But knowing it can help you determine your career path options. Perhaps you work in functional structure - or maybe a matrix.