Aerzen Articles

  1. Big Air: Aerzen Introduces Turbo Blower For Large Treatment Plants

    Aerzen USA has long preached — and excelled in delivering — "right-sized" blower solutions, offering energy efficiency by producing the proper amount of air for the application. Until recently, however, the company did not have an option for the largest of wastewater treatment plants. That has changed with the introduction of the Multicore series turbo blower, which is described in the following video by Tom McCurdy, National Sales Manager for Aerzen's Environmental Group.

  2. The Hidden Costs Of Aeration

    To ensure that aeration equipment will provide not only the best overall solution for their treatment needs but also the lowest total cost of ownership, design engineers and plant operators must take into consideration three primary factors: blower selection, right-sizing, and smart control systems.


  3. Stepping Up To Smart Aeration

    According to the U.S. EPA, municipal water and wastewater treatment systems account for 30 to 40 percent of the total energy used by municipalities in the United States. In wastewater treatment, the biggest chunk of this energy consumption comes from aeration. Within a typical WWTP, the aeration equipment used to maintain the required dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in the activated sludge process can account for as much as 60 percent of the total plant energy use (Source: As municipalities and plant operators look for ways to minimize energy use and contain operating costs, aeration is a natural area of focus.

  4. Value-Based Procurement: Steps In The Right Direction

    As a means of encouraging the growth of new technologies and improving operating costs, water and wastewater equipment manufacturers have long advocated for changing the mindset of equipment procurement from low-bid to lowest life-cycle cost evaluation.This have proven to be a very daunting task. 

  5. Following Catastrophic Flood, Wastewater Workers Lead Recovery

    When electrical issues caused effluent pumps to shut down at the West Point wastewater treatment plant in Seattle, WA, influent levels began to rise and flooded the plant, leaving it severely damaged.

  6. With The Prospect Of Lighter Restrictions, Wastewater Upgrades Could Be In Vain

    With the Trump administration likely to loosen wastewater treatment regulations, utilities face a conundrum.

  7. Aerzen Combines Blower Technology And A New Control System For Energy Saving Operation Even In Case Of Load Changes

    If modernizations in wastewater treatment plants are due, as a rule the permanently reducing limit values of ammonium, nitrate and phosphate are pushing the investment decisions.

  8. Seattle Area Struggles After Flood Takes Out Waste Plant

    Last month, Washington’s West Point treatment plant was hit with heavy rains and flooding, leading to catastrophic damage and a multi-million-dollar price tag for repairs.

  9. What The 'Super Bowl Flush' Means For Wastewater Treatment

    It’s no secret that the Super Bowl is an event that transcends sports to engulf the worlds of advertising, music, and pop culture. It may surprise people to learn that the game is an annual focus for wastewater treatment operations as well.

  10. The Advantage Of The AERZEN Air Bearing Technology

    The air foil bearing, allowing operation without the need for lubrication and maintenance, provides minimum life-cycle costs for the entire unit. Filtration is the only preventive maintenance which is necessary. The production costs of the complete assembly are very low due to the less expensive bearing technology in comparison to turbo compressors made with magnetic bearing this is a significant benefit in addition to reduced cost of eliminating necessary ancillary components such as bearing controllers, additional electrical filters and uninteruptable power sources.