AdEdge Water Technologies Articles

  1. USEPA Selects Adedge Technologies, Inc For Six Round 2 Arsenic Treatment

    Adedge Technologies, Inc announced that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has selected Bayoxide® E33 arsenic removal technology for use at six additional demonstration sites in the National Arsenic Treatment Demonstration Project-Round 2

  2. AdEdge Technologies Introduces AdVantEdge™ Residential Water Treatment Products For Water Treatment Dealers

    AdEdge Technologies, Inc. announces the introduction of AdVantEdge™ residential point-of-entry and point-of-use products for arsenic, iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide removal

  3. AdEdge Technologies Bayoxide® E33 Rated Top Performing Media In Recent SANDIA Pilot Test Report

    AdEdge Technologies, Inc. announces test results rating its Bayoxide® E33 media as the number one performing media in recent SANDIA National Labs Pilot Test at Socorro, N.M.

  4. AD26™ Systems from AdEdge Technologies Rapidly Gaining Popularity Among Small Water System Operators As Effective Solution For Co-occurrence Of Arsenic And Iron

    AdEdge Technologies, Inc. announces rapidly gaining popularity of AD26 technology among small water systems as an effective solution for co-occurrence of arsenic and iron

  5. AD92 Uranium Adsorption Treatment System By AdEdge Technologies Effectively Treats Naturally Occurring Groundwater Uranium In Village Of Marshfield, Vt.

    AdEdge Technologies, Inc. announces successful results of its AD92 Uranium Adsorption Treatment System designed and installed by AdEdge to treat high levels of naturally occurring groundwater uranium in the Village of Marshfield, Vt