What Did I Do Wrong? Top Violations Of Law Against Physical Therapists

October 16, 2020 - CA US



Overview: Today's diverse, fast-changing, multidisciplinary health care environment in health involves many health care professionals who work together for the common goal of the patient. This includes physicians, nurses, physical therapists, and others. Like physicians and nurses, physical therapists as health care practitioners obtained an education, passed applicable examinations, completed professional training, and hold a license to practice their chosen profession of physical therapy. The license to practice is issued by the state agency which has exclusive jurisdiction over this health care practitioner. Thereafter, the state's authority and power over the physical therapist often presents challenges to that professional that are not easy to navigate. Their governing state agency routinely handles, investigates, and dismisses or prosecutes alleged violations of law that can be career ending for the physical therapist if pursued. But that process takes time with many steps necessary for due process of law.

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