Improving Productivity with The Office 365 Suite

November 12, 2020 - CA US


Overview: As a basic-level user of Microsoft Office, you'd love to reduce the number of "hair-tearing-out" moments. You'd love to be able to do things faster so you can go home on time. You'd love to be seen as an "Office Hero" in your organization. As an added bonus, because Microsoft Office is so widely used across the globe, having good-to-excellent skills means you'll be more marketable in today’s highly competitive job market! Areas Covered in the Session: Word and Outlook: Automate data-entry using QuickParts Word: Using Styles to automate formatting Word: Create a Table of Contents with 3 clicks of the mouse! Word: Create and edit a PDF PowerPoint: SmartArt: Build diagrams in seconds PowerPoint: Modify all slides at once: Understanding Slide Masters PowerPoint: Working with Images Excel: Managing List-based data Excel: Creating formulas to automate calculations Outlook: Using Rules to automate your email processing Outlook: Using Quick Steps to automate repetitive tasks Outlook: Tips for sharing calendars All Applications: The Ribbon: Make it work the way you do

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