Veolia is committed to Resourcing the World by developing access to resources, preserving and replenishing them.  Focusing on this mission, Veolia Water Technologies provides specialized water and wastewater solutions that enable recycle, reuse and replenishment of water and energy resources.  We have developed solutions for accessing and utilizing these resources more responsibly and more efficiently.  Through standard systems and design-build projects, Veolia serves all major industries and municipalities.  

 Industrial Technology Brands and Services


Chemical Processing Industry Chemical Processing Industry

Veolia provides the chemical processing industry with a variety of water and wastewater treatment systems and technologies. Complete water cycle, from the production of process water to wastewater treatment, water recycling and reuse, premium chemical production, odor control, and residuals management. 

Mining & Primary Metals Market Mining & Primary Metals Market

Water is an essential component of every mining project in the world. We understand the unique requirements of mine operations and our worldwide expertise in mine water issues allows us to offer specialized water treatment solutions that treat water and efficiently remove a wide range of contaminants such as heavy metals, arsenic, suspended solids, organics, iron, manganese and specific ions.

Oil & Gas Market Oil & Gas Market

Water is essential to the oil & gas industry. In exploration and production operations, improved water quality can enhance oilfield production. For downstream processes in refineries and petrochemical plants, smarter water management can lower production costs and extend the life of equipment. Veolia Water Technologies has the expertise to apply technology guaranteed to reduce your environmental footprint while improving your bottom line. Learn how we’ve applied this expertise in the oil & gas industry.

Power Market Power Market

Veolia Water Technologies has hundreds of power generation references worldwide. Learn more about specific applications for the power industry.

Mobile Offerings Mobile Offerings

Veolia Water Technologies provides mobile water and wastewater treatment solutions to cover emergency, temporary or long-term water treatment needs. These solutions are deployed via stand-alone units or in combination to form complete systems with state-of-the-art purification technologies. Mobile solutions use our ACTIFLO®, Hydrotech Discfilter™, reverse osmosis, ion exchange and multimedia filtration technologies, delivered through trailers, containers and skid-mounted systems.

Municipal And Industrial Markets In Canada Municipal And Industrial Markets In Canada

Veolia Water Technologies Canada is a Canadian Water and Biomethanisation expert, and a trusted partner in the Mining, Food & Beverage, as well as headworks and CSO in North America.

Food And Beverage Market Food And Beverage Market

Veolia is trusted by leading Food & Beverage companies across the globe and has successfully executed more than 1,200 projects worldwide.

US Municipal Solutions US Municipal Solutions

Kruger Inc. provides innovative and sustainable solutions and technologies, technical expertise and customer support services for municipal water and wastewater treatment customers.


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  • A Multi Process Approach With One Single Solution
    A Multi Process Approach With One Single Solution

    A joint effort between the city of Hollister, the San Benito County Water District and the Sunny slope County Water District, the group proposed the West Hills Water Treatment Plant (WHWTP) project to improve drinking water quality, water supply reliability, and to balance regional water resources in the Hollister Urban Area (HUA). Historically, HUA relied primarily on local groundwater basins for meeting their drinking water demands. While groundwater met all drinking water regulations, it is high in minerals and hardness that often resulted in scaling and the need for further conditioning.

  • Crafting H<sub>2</sub>O &mdash; The Science And Art Of Beer Making
    Crafting H2O — The Science And Art Of Beer Making

    Cincinnati-based MadTree Brewing Company is serious about how they make their beer. Their scientific approach means that they also pay close attention to the water they use, a message they’re more than happy to share.

  • West Deptford Energy Station Becomes Model Of Highly Efficient And Sustainable Energy Generation
    West Deptford Energy Station Becomes Model Of Highly Efficient And Sustainable Energy Generation

    Veolia furnished West Deptford Energy with a BIOSTYR® Biological Aerated Filter (BAF) and Hydrotech Discfilter system, allowing effluent from a municipal wastewater plant to be reused, with a treatment capacity of 7.35 MGD, in the operation of their new “green” energy station. 

  • BIOSTYR® Improves Health Of The Long Island Sound
    BIOSTYR® Improves Health Of The Long Island Sound

    The New Rochelle Wastewater Treatment Plant is located in the Westchester County, New York, discharging to the Long Island Sound. It serves a population base of 65,000 people and is permitted to treat average flows of up to 20.6 MGD. Operating with primary clarification and pure oxygen-based activated sludge treatment since a 1979 upgrade, the plant only removed BOD and TSS from the wastewater.

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  • The Power Of Reclaimed Water
    The Power Of Reclaimed Water

    The population continues to grow, demanding more output from fewer resources. This strain is felt acutely in the power industry. New plants are built to accommodate the growing population’s power needs, requiring more water than ever for power generation and cooling. As freshwater resources continue to dwindle, more plants are turning to reclaimed water.

  • The Murky Future Of Global Water Quality
    The Murky Future Of Global Water Quality

    Population growth, economic development, and climate change are placing increasing pressure on our planet’s water resources. Many studies, including one conducted by IFPRI and Veolia in 2011, depict a future world with elevated tensions due to growing demand for a limited supply of water.

  • NEOSEP® Membrane Bioreactor System Simplifies 'Fundamental Necessities' Of MBR
    NEOSEP® Membrane Bioreactor System Simplifies 'Fundamental Necessities' Of MBR

    The NEOSEP® MBR system features Kruger’s uniquely designed K-120C and K-240C flat sheet membrane modules.  The modules offer several innovative design features that enhance ease of installation, operation and maintenance.  This includes an integrated central lifting eye, offering an incredibly well balanced module that makes installation and retrieval a simple and stress-free process.

  • Replacement Of Synthetic Polymer By Bio-Based Flocculant In Drinking Water Treatment Train: Impact On Water Quality And Microbiological Colonization

    The use of anionic potato starch in clarification was assessed by comparison with polyacrylamide flocculant in order to evaluate its effect on the performances of Actiflo® Turbo combined with Sand Filtration and Actiflo® Turbo combined with Ultrafiltration in terms of water quality and kinetics of biofilm formation.

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  • L'eau Claire Upflow Filter: Video
    L'eau Claire Upflow Filter: Video

    L'eau Claire upflow filters offer an alternative to conventional water clarifiers for removing suspended solids and colloidal material such as silica. Despite the influent loading, this cost-effective filtration process removes 98% of particulates ≥2 microns without the use of clarifiers, flocculation, sedimentation, dry chemical addition or mixers. Watch the video to see how it works.

  • Aquavista

    Aquavista™ offers a wide and flexible range of customized digital solutions for water treatment systems.  From operators to management, Aquavista™ provides your plant personnel with a tool to efficiently manage plants and water treatment equipment.

  • MBD Brine Crystallization System
    MBD Brine Crystallization System

    Veolia Water Technologies offers the MBD™ (Modular Bulldozer Design) System as an ideal solution that not only effectively treats high TDS wastewater, but also manages the subsequent mixed salts.  Utilizing Veolia's HPD® thermal evaporation technology, it is a proven and cost-effective solution to the high cost, permitting issues, and long-term liabilities associated with multiple ponds.

  • CeraMem® Technology Highlighted At CERAWeek
    CeraMem® Technology Highlighted At CERAWeek

    Veolia’s CeraMem® Ceramic Membrane Technology was selected as an “Energy Innovation Pioneer” at the 34th Annual CERAWeek energy Conference due to successful installations in the oil & gas industry.

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