From its inception in 1967, Sanitaire has focused on creating innovative wastewater treatment solutions for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications. Sanitaire is a leader in diffused aeration systems, advanced SBR and Advanced Oxidation Ditch technologies and certified DrumFilter tertiary filtration systems for municipal and industrial facilities. Our process knowledge allows us to provide solutions that not only save capital and operational costs, but last long and minimize the total cost of ownership.

Sanitaire Aeration System Video   Brochure: Sanitaire ICEAS® Advanced SBR Technology   OSCAR™ Process Performance Optimizer
Sanitaire Aeration System Video   Brochure: Sanitaire ICEAS® Advanced SBR Technology   OSCAR™ Process Performance Optimizer



Often times the biosolids management portion of the treatment plant may not be optimized, resulting in inefficient operation of the entire treatment plant. For instance, did you know that aerobic digestion is the second largest consumer of energy after biological treatment aeration at a wastewater treatment plant? Or, do you realize that up to 50% of the nutrient loading on any given day may be coming from the biosolids process?

The benefits of an OSCAR system are clear. The OSCAR control system is a customizable, integrated system comprised of hardware, software, and services. Designed to be used with Sanitaire biological treatment solutions, OSCAR helps plants meet their performance requirements and operating budgets.

Sanitaire has provided the wastewater treatment industry with innovative and cost-effective treatment technologies for over 35 years. This tradition continues with the Sanitaire Intermittent Cycle Extended Aeration (ICEAS) process, which is an advance sequencing batch reactor (SBR) technology for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.


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  • Sanitaire Launches Digital Pressure Monitor For “Smart” Diffuser Operation

    Xylem, the leader in biological wastewater treatment technologies, is introducing its new Sanitaire Digital Pressure Monitor (DPM) to transform wastewater diffusers into smart diffusers. The Sanitaire DPM maximizes diffuser operation and increases energy savings through strategic fine-bubble aeration system monitoring and intelligence. The solution offers users an enhanced digital interface that provides diffuser health data, engineering and economic calculations, and asset management recommendations.

  • How To Evaluate And Maintain Diffused Aeration Grids

    Sanitaire presents best practices and steps for how to evaluate and maintain diffused aeration grids.

  • Sanitaire Aeration

    Cut your daily energy consumption with the Sanitaire Aeration System. It's the optimal design to supply oxygen at the lowest possible energy cost.

  • Sanitaire NURO Controller

    Stricter nitrogen and phosphorus permits, pressure to reduce energy and chemical usage, limited time and staff. These days, operators are required to do more with less. How could these challenges be met without a plant reconfiguration?

  • Sanitaire SBR System Boosts Capacity, Reliability Without Building A New Facility

    Jefferson City, the Capitol of Missouri, has operated a sanitary sewage collection system dating back to the 1800s. The generations of infrastructure included a trickling filter treatment plant that first entered service in 1967 and underwent major upgrades involving screening, primary clarification, and secondary treatment over the course of 1969-77.


Sanitaire - A Xylem Brand is the world leader in diffused aeration and advanced biological treatment technologies. Beginning in 1967 Sanitaire® products have been used to create innovative wastewater treatment solutions for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications. Sanitaire® equipment and technologies are the industry standard and have been installed in thousands of communities and industries throughout the world.

Sanitaire® aeration systems provide high oxygen transfer that results in energy efficiency and cost savings for customers. We provide extensive application support to ensure you select the right product with optimized design. Our wide selection of diffuser technologies includes the age resistant Silver Series membrane disc, the durable ceramic disc diffuser available with in-situ cleaning, as well as various coarse bubble technologies.

Our advanced Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) technology is a complete biological treatment solution for municipal wastewater treatment and select industrial treatment applications. This innovative and cost effective treatment process can be configured for Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) and the most stringent effluent requirements. In addition to traditional SBR technology, Sanitaire® recommends the superior flexibility of the ICEAS® (Intermittent Cycle Extended Aeration) design, which does not require any flow diversion and offers smaller basin volume, single basin operation and uniform basin loading. The Sanitaire® ICEAS process provides continuous inflow in a single basin, even during settle and decant phases of the operating cycle.

Sanitaire® Drum Filters offer a cost effective, low energy tertiary treatment that only requires power during the backwash cycle. Our corrosion resistant components are low maintenance and can easily be added to new or existing installations.

Contact us today and allow our experienced applications team to design a customized treatment solution for your needs.