Plas-Tanks Industries is an ISO-9001 registered composite vessel manufacturer, who also holds the ASME RTP-1® for pressure and vacuum vessels as well. We serve the water and wastewater treatment industry with:

  • Reinforced Thermoset Plastic (RTP) brinemakers
  • RTP Storage tanks
  • RTP Mixing tanks
  • RTP Process vessels

Our RTP brinemaker, the Bryneer™, is the best in the industry today featuring:

  • Downflow brinemaking
  • Optional foam insulation for extreme cold temperatures
  • Optional level control device

Reinforced Thermoset Plastic (RTP) storage tanks, mixing tanks, and process vessels are fabricated vertically using filament winding technology. All of our tanks feature:

  • Filament Winding technology
  • Integral bottom creating strength where head pressure is greatest
  • Custom Design Engineering and fabrication to meet your needs

Plas-Tanks Industries, Inc. was established in 1976. Today, our fabricators have over 13 years average per person experience. We are represented by over 90 independent representatives at 34 firms throughout the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

In addition to the water market, we also fabricate corrosion resistant RTP vessels for chemical storage and processing, air and fume scrubbing, power generation, mining, the food industry, and more. Some of the equipment we manufacture for these markets include scrubbers, pressure vessels, and atmospheric vessels.

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