PeroxyChem is a global leader in the manufacturing and application of hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid and persulfates. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pa., the company employs approximately 550 people throughout the world, with facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. In North America, PeroxyChem operates three large production facilities and two research facilities. With an unyielding commitment to safety at its core and backed by an exceptional team, the company prides itself on exemplary customer service, product quality, reliability and technical service. PeroxyChem manufactures high quality products and innovative applications developed as a result of innovation and superior technical expertise. We supply customized chemistries for electronics, energy, environmental, food safety, pulp, paper, polymer, and other industrial and consumer markets.

PeroxyChem’s experts have implemented peroxygen-based microbial control solutions for more than three decades in a wide variety of industries – from food processing to fracking and process water treatment. The hallmark of the company’s approach to microbial control has been the inclusion of equipment rental, maintenance services and outcome guarantees in its chemical offering, which highlights PeroxyChem’s depth of technical and engineering expertise.

In 2013, PeroxyChem launched a new formulation specifically designed for municipal wastewater disinfection registered as VigorOx® WWT II. This formulation, which contains 15% peracetic acid and 23% hydrogen peroxide, improves effectiveness and minimizes BOD impact on effluent. VigorOx WWT II has been applied as primary disinfectant in numerous wastewater treatment plants in North America to eliminate concerns associated with chlorination – safety, toxicity, byproduct formation and cost.


VigorOx® WWT II Wastewater Disinfection Technology VigorOx® WWT II Wastewater Disinfection Technology

VigorOx® WWT II is a strong wastewater disinfectant for use in wastewater treatment that can replace chlorine or improve the performance of a UV system. VigorOx WWT II, a peracetic acid (PAA)-based formulation, is an equilibrium mixture of acetic acid (vinegar), hydrogen peroxide and water.


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