Newterra is focused on providing modular water, wastewater, and groundwater treatment solutions for developers and small communities along with municipal, industrial, and mining clients. Newterra employs over 200 employees worldwide; all focused on our total commitment to project success. Our robust solutions are treating potable water, domestic wastewater, industrial process and wastewater, and contaminated groundwater in North America as well as some of the harshest environments on the planet.

COCHRANE by newterra

Throughout the world, you’ll find thousands of COCHRANE by newterra systems hard at work. Put our proven performance and experience to work in your boiler room or for any industrial water treatment and reuse applications that require reliable, on-spec solutions. COCHRANE is more than a name; it’s an industrial water treatment legend since 1863. For inventing the deaerator. For robust solutions. For performance that goes the distance.

Aeration Industries International

Aeration Industries International is a creative team of engineers, designers, technicians, and strategic thinkers who are passionate about water. We have the expertise and aeration equipment to provide a full range of wastewater treatment solutions to optimize municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications; from process water supply to wastewater treatment, sludge management to produced water return. We also offer customized pond designs to support oxygen dispersion for aquaculture farms. Aeration Industries International combines patented technologies with engineering expertise to develop complete and customized water treatment solutions.


At StormwateRx, we specialize in industrial stormwater pollutant removal. We understand the needs of industrial customers, and we know how stormwater acts on pollutants in industrial environments. This expertise helps us cut to the chase. Our team will design or advise on equipment integration specific to your site at little-to-no additional cost. We never stop innovating. We’re continually enhancing our existing products, developing new technologies and applications, and subjecting them to ongoing, rigorous field and third-party testing. We offer installation, inspection, operation, and maintenance support for the life of your treatment system. Whether you want turn-key support or do-it-yourself consumables supply, our team will provide you with efficient and effective service, so your treatment technology or system provides the best possible results.

TIGG Corporation

TIGG Corporation specializes in manufacturing equipment that uses granular activated carbon (GAC) as filtration media for water purification, environmental remediation, industrial processing and municipal water treatment applications. TIGG sells and rents drinking water purification equipment such as sand filters, multimedia filtration units, pressure filters and other complimentary equipment as part of integrated drinking water treatment systems. TIGG Corporation water treatment systems meet today’s most challenging puri­ cation needs – such as the removal of EPA-listed contaminants like PFOA and PFOS. In addition, our treatment systems are NSF/ANSI 61 and 372 Certi­fied and one of the only manufacturers that can design, develop, build, and install a totally certi­fied and comprehensive water treatment system. TIGG also offers other potable water treatment services including water treatment equipment rental programs and carbon exchange services. In addition to drinking water purification systems, TIGG manufactures potable water storage tanks, hydropneumatic surge tanks and wastewater treatment vessels.


EPRO™ Commercial Systems are designed to maximize water purification efficiency. Available models offer a choice of flow rates and configurations for removal of dissolved solids and other impurities from tap water or brackish water. Purified high-quality water is supplied to your application at existing point of use.

TIGG’s Dual-Vessel Activated Carbon Adsorption Systems are designed to provide versatility to liquid phase filtration projects. Integrated systems can be comprised of two modular activated carbon adsorbers, which allows for backwashing one vessel while the other remains operational.

The CANSORB P Series Modular Adsorbers are capable of operations where full backwash is required, including applications for backwashing activated carbon. The wide variety of vessels can handle various flow rates and are ideal for any size municipality.

Look to Newterra for quality service. Stretch your investment dollars farther by ensuring that your equipment is taken care of by our experts. Newterra offers a wide range of services to help keep your systems running optimally and give you peace of mind.

The Tri-Oval® Oxidation Ditch System, named for our Aire-O2 Triton® in an oxidation oval, is a subsurface complete mix, looped reactor system that is ideal for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities. The energy efficient Aire-O2 Triton TR Series process aerator/mixer, combined with an optimized control strategy, allows for operation at depths as low as 4ft (1.2m) and up to 33ft (10m).

The patented Frontline™ drain inlet filters are your first line of defense against industrial pollutants in stormwater runoff. Available as a catch basin insert (CBI) or a trench drain insert (TDI), Frontline provides the best combination of performance and flow of any drain inlet insert on the market. Frontline is top-rated for removal of debris; heavy metals such as zinc, copper & lead; TSS, oil & grease.

Newterra® SCR Series inlet screens are speci­fically designed to protect Newterra MicroClear® flat sheet membranes from fouling due to excessive debris from waste water plant influent.

With the high cost of infrastructure replacement and demands for more stringent environmental standards, newterra modular treatment systems are driving the adoption of decentralized solutions.

GC 8X30S is a virgin activated carbon, which is granular in form. Made from selected grades of coconut shell, it is ideal for many liquid phase applications including the removal of organics from water streams.

Newterra® LIFT Series wastewater lift stations are designed to transfer sewage and grey water from the point of generation to the newterra wastewater treatment plant.

Newterra MBR systems provide high quality treated sewage effluent (TSE) that is suitable for many reuse applications.

Like all newterra MBRs, the WWT-7 Piloting system features our innovative MicroClear® flat sheet membrane. It ensures that permeate meets or exceeds regulatory requirements for discharge and reuse.

Mixer 2.0 is here!
The Aire-O2® Mixer 2.0 ensures simple, nearly maintenance-free operation with above surface float or fixed mounting options. The variable angle mixer performs in corrosive environments with no gearbox and low power consumption in aeration tanks, oxidation ovals, digesters, lagoons, anoxic basins, and chemical mix tanks

What does a Multiport Relief Valve do? Why do I need it? The use of a Multiport Relief Valve dampens the pressure swings within deaerators, steam lines and associated components. The Multiport Relief Valve dash pot vapor action provides smooth relief of excess steam to the atmosphere. By limiting operating pressure variances within the deaerator, it eliminates the need to re-stack trays, and provides protection to the trays, boiler feed pumps and other equipment.

Is your industrial facility close to the benchmarks?  Do you want an added measure of certainty to be in compliance with your industrial general stormwater permit?  Is your industrial facility unpaved or does it have broken pavement that is affecting your stormwater quality?  Does your permit require corrective actions?  Or is the facility large and you’d like to incorporate end-of-pipe stormwater treatment that doesn’t break the bank?  

TIGG’s Dual-Vessel Activated Carbon Adsorption Systems are designed to provide versatility to liquid phase filtration projects. Integrated systems can be compromised of two modular activated carbon adsorbers, which allows for backwashing one vessel while the other remains operational.

Is your facility struggling with zinc in its stormwater discharge even after implementing BMPs?

For remote sites with peak populations between 500 and 2,000 people, the newterra PWT-125 Mini Train System offers exceptional capacity and flexibility. The base system for up to 500 people consists of two 40' containerized elements – a discrete distribution/disinfection unit and a treatment unit. The Mini Train design allows up to four (4) treatment units to be added to a single distribution unit, providing potable water treatment for 2,000 people. The system is designed to integrate with containerized or free standing tanks for water storage. The treatment system is available for both groundwater and surface water sources.

For large camps with populations expected to exceed 2,000 people, newterra’s modular PWT-500 Potable Water Treatment Large Train System employs 40' containers dedicated to a specific, complimentary treatment process (e.g. greensand filtration, nanofiltration, etc.)

Minimize potable water hauling costs with modular onsite storage units from newterra – the leader in advanced camp water solutions.


  • Privately Developed Community Near Telluride Finds Solution That Meets Tight Schedule, Budget, And Site Dimensions

    In just under six months, Newterra designed and supplied this 5,000 GPD MBR Wastewater Treatment System for a small private community in Telluride, Colorado. Having the right solution and leveraging our partner AquaSolutions DBO to manage the permitting provided the customer confidence in our team made this project a resounding success. 

  • Better Water Always Makes Better Beer!

    For consistency in water for every brew – year after year, choose EPRO™ Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems. The Proven Choice for your brewing process. visit us at

  • How Can Newterra Help You Today?

    Newterra is a recognized leader in modular, decentralized solutions for water, wastewater, groundwater, boiler feedwater and stormwater treatment.  Our systems and products help customers operate more efficiently and sustainably while improving the availability of clean water at thousands of installations around the world.

  • Decentralized Modular Wastewater & Potable Water Systems

    Newterra's Pre-engineered, factory-built and tested modular designs for decentralized locations help customers achieve lower costs, faster installation and higher quality over on-site brick & mortar systems.

  • Treating THMs In Drinking Water

    Watch this video to learn more about some of the successes of TIGG’s equipment and the effect that it has had in Louisiana.

  • Lock-N-Load® Nozzle Mounting Systems

    No Tools Required for Deaerat.or Nozzle Inspection! Lock-N-Load® Spray Nozzle by COCHRANE® by newterra. COCHRANE's patented LOCK-N-LOAD spray nozzle is the best available technology for optimum deaeration of boiler feed water. LOCK-N-LOAD combines the best features of the world-renowned COCHRANE Accu-Spray™ nozzle and adds one-hand installation and inspection requiring no special mounting nuts, studs or bolts. Push, twist, LOCK-N-LOAD, it’s that easy! Performance and Innovation. That’s what COCHRANE by newterra’s is all about

  • We Know Modular

    Our modular water and wastewater systems are opening up new possibilities. Prefabricated systems that can be scaled up and down in parallel with capacity requirements. Ideal for subdivisions, resorts, remote work camps – wherever a modular decentralized solution is required. Watch the full video to learn more.

  • What Is PFAS?

    PFOA and PFAS are organic synthetic chemicals used in the manufacturing of many products. Over several decades they have contaminated the environment, specifically our drinking water sources. Watch the full video to learn more about PFAS, and how to treat it.

  • High-Rate Sediment Removal With Clara Filter: Webinar

    Peter Evans, Regional Director with StormwateRx LLC introduces Clara Filter, StormwateRx’s newest stormwater pollutant removal system for high-rate sediment (TSS) removal.

  • Recycling Wastewater

    Newterra, designs, builds and delivers a modular packaged MBR plant for a 1,100 person camp in Alberta. Effluent from the MBR plant is being recycled and reused for non-potable purposes.

  • Aeration Test Pool

    Did you know that we operate a 100,000-gallon research and development test pool facility in our office? We've made some updates! Periodically, our pool receives a good cleaning and fresh coat of paint so we are always ready for visitors.

  • Aire-02 Aquaculture Aspirators By Aeration Industries International

    Aeration Industries recently had installed some Aire-O2 Aquaculture 3Hp Aspirators at some of in​ Ecuador's top producing shrimp farms.

  • TIGG, LLC Manufacturing Capabilities

    TIGG's steel tank and pressure vessel manufacturing facility in Heber Springs, Arkansas, consists of nearly 155,000 square feet of shop and warehouse space situated on 40 acres of property. With a 30 foot under hook height at the state-of-the-art facility, TIGG is capable of fabricating tanks up to 14 feet in diameter. We have upgraded our state-of-the-art cutting, forming, fitting, welding, testing, blasting, and finishing equipment.

  • Aquip Media Filtration System By StormwateRx

    Aquip is a patented media filtration system for enhanced industrial stormwater treatment. Aquip is available in several performance levels, each specifically designed for the removal of stormwater pollutants such as suspended solids, turbidity, heavy metals (including dissolved metals), organics (e.g. BOD, volatile hydrocarbons, PCBs, PAHs), and nutrients (e.g. nitrogen and phosphorus).

  • Newterra Enwave System

    Enwave New Orleans serves the mission-critical New Orleans Regional Medical Center and nearby commercial buildings. The company’s 26,000-ton chilled-water plant provides chilled water for air conditioning to more than 12 million sq ft of building space within a 15-square-block area. The company also provides steam to critical buildings in the district. Enwave identified COCHRANE® by newterra as the RO System of choice to handle their immediate water treatment needs, while offering a significant amount of savings in the long run.

  • MBR Wastewater Treatment System For Bay Meadows Community

    newterra developed a modular membrane bioreactor (MBR) sewage treatment system for Bay Meadows Park - a year-round mobile home/RV park in Ontario, Canada. newterra was selected by Gunnell Engineering to provide a compact, self-contained treatment system to meet the extremely stringent limits required for surface discharge. The low maintenance system was engineered, built, installed and commissioned by newterra in less than 20 weeks, and is allowing the park to expand the number of sites on its property.

  • Worldwide Business With Kathy Ireland Interview

    Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland® recently showcased an interview with Tom Vossman, CEO of newterra, Ltd., leaders in decentralized water treatment solutions. Originally aired on January 21, 2018, at 5:30 pm (EST) on Fox Business Network.

  • Modular Treatment Systems

    With the high cost of infrastructure replacement and demands for more stringent environmental standards, newterra modular treatment systems are driving the adoption of decentralized solutions. Our packaged sewage treatment plants minimize collection network requirements, reduce pumping costs, and deliver reuse quality effluent. 


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  • Decentralized MBR Wastewater Treatment

    Scalable, cost-effective solutions for development projects and WWTP retrofits. newterra is leading the way with decentralized wastewater solutions that help you reduce project costs with a sustainable treatment approach. Our modular membrane bioreactor (MBR) systems are scalable – allowing treatment infrastructure to be added in stages as capacity requirements grow.

  • Comprehensive Technologies For Water Treatment

    Modular solutions engineered and built on our total commitment to project success. newterra is dedicated to enhancing current approaches and pioneering new treatment methods. Our commitment to innovation has yielded over 35 patents granted or pending.



  • Tri-Oval® Oxidation Ditch System

    The Tri-Oval® Oxidation Ditch System, named for our Aire-O2 Triton® in an oxidation oval, is a subsurface complete mix, looped reactor system that is ideal for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities. The energy efficient Aire-O2 Triton TR Series process aerator/mixer, combined with an optimized control strategy, allows for operation at depths as low as 4ft (1.2m) and up to 33ft (10m).

  • Aire-O2 TRITON® Pulp And Paper Aerator/Mixer

    We understand you need to meet a rigorous set of quality standards and we are here to partner with you to design a customized solution to meet your needs. We will work with you to find an effective way to optimize oxygen dispersion, reduce sludge accumulation and eliminate the need for costly dredging.

  • Aire-O2® Mixer

    The Aire-O2® Mixer ensures simple, nearly maintenance free operation with above surface float or fixed mounting options. The variable angle mixer performs in corrosive environments with no gear box and low power consumption in aeration tanks, oxidation ovals, digesters, lagoons, anoxic basins, and chemical mix tanks.

  • Aire-O2® Microfloat DAF System

    Ideal for industrial applications, our Aire-O2® Microfloat Dispersed Air Flotation (DAF) System is an effective, affordable, and reliable physical/chemical pre-treatment technology for removing up to 90% free-floating FOG, 60% TSS, and 30% BOD* - all at a much lower cost than traditional DAF systems.

  • Aire-O2 Triton® TR Series

    Unique features allow the Aireo-O2 Triton® TR Series to perform in harsh conditions,  while optimizing performance, efficiency, and maximizing oxygen transfer and mixing capabilites.

  • Aire-O2® Series 275 Aspirator Aerator

    The Aire -02® 275 aspirator aerator offers high quality materials with the same engineering integrity as the Aire -02 aspirator aerator at a reduced price. Ideal for retrofits, upgrades, and supplemental aeration; this high quality, minimal maintenance aspirator is the simply installed solution for nearly any application.

  • Aire-O2® Antifouling Aspirator

    With the growing use and challenge caused by supposedly flushable wipes, we have customized our Aire-O2® Aspirators with a larger stainless steel antifouling propeller and housing for low maintenance operation that excels in heavy debris conditions.

  • Argos® Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)

    Ideal for municipal or industrial applications, the Argos SBR is comprised of the award-winning Aire-O2 Triton® aerator/mixer and a proven fixed decanter design, along with advanced controls and monitoring systems.


  • Vacuum Collection For Decentralized Sewage

    As an alternative to costly gravity sewer systems, or high maintenance pumping systems, Newterra offers Vacuflow, a proven, environmentally friendly vacuum collection system from Qua-vac.



  • Coatings Company Installs Aquip System To Meet Benchmarks For Zinc

    Partnering with StormwateRx, Forrest Technical Coatings sought a cost-effective treatment strategy that aligned with their corporate #environmental stewardship initiatives.

  • Upcoming Webinar: Small Footprint Dewatering Solutions - Clarifier With Integrated Dosing And Sludge Removal

    During the Webinar we will explain and discuss: Rental Fleet, Overview of Newterra Rental Fleet and system technology designed to significantly lower operational requirements Automated dosing, sludge, and TSS removal, Newterra’s Mobile ECA, and Water Treatment Systems with Flow rates from 10GPM to 300GPM.

  • Frontenac Enters The Global Modular Water Treatment Market With The Acquisition Of Newterra Group

     Frontenac Company (“Frontenac”) announced today that it has acquired Newterra Group Ltd. (“Newterra” or the “Company”), a Global Modular Water Treatment Company, from its current shareholders including institutional investors XPV Water Partners and Angeleno Group, LLC. The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Capstone Headwaters and its Water Technology Practice advised Newterra and its board on this transaction.

  • We At The Newterra Group Of Companies Are Proud To Present Three Of Our Groups This Year At WEFTEC

    Aeration Industries International continues its longstanding leadership in the Surface Aeration and Mixing market, both domestically and internationally.

  • Long Island, NY Drinking Water Cleanup In Full Gear

    On Long Island, water districts and authorities must rely on groundwater for their drinking water supply.

  • Drinking Water Cleanup On Long Island

    On Long Island, water districts and authorities must rely on groundwater for their drinking water supply. Due to industrial manufacturing, 1,4-Dioxane penetrated the groundwater via a spill or straight disposal of the chemical onto the soil.

  • StormwateRx LLC Announces The Release Of Frontline™ Drain Inlet Inserts

    StormwateRx, in exclusive partnership with Frog Creek Partners, is proud to announce the availability of our newest stormwater treatment product, the patented Frontline™ line of drain inlet inserts in two common industrial configurations, Frontline™ CBI (Catch Basin Insert) and Frontline™ TDI (Trench Drain Insert). Each offers the same simple installation, operation and high performance that is common to the other StormwateRx products.

  • What Is Activated Carbon?

    Although the term granular activated carbon is used generically, it can refer to dozens of similar – but not identical- adsorbents. Depending on raw material, method and degree of activation and other factors, activated carbons can perform differently in various applications.

  • Mobile Home Park Installs Modular MBR System To Save Valuable Space

    Bay Meadows is a year-round RV and mobile home park located along the shores of Lake Ontario. The facility had been reliant on subsurface treatment, however current regulatory requirements eliminated the option of continuing with that approach. In addition to high bedrock, the lack of available area due to design flow values meant a more sophisticated sewage treatment solution would be necessary.

  • Is Your Industrial Facility Close To The Benchmarks?

    Do you want additional assurance for compliance with your industrial general stormwater permit? Is your industrial facility unpaved or have broken pavement that affects your stormwater quality?

  • Ragging Problems? Fortunately, We Have An Innovative Solution

    Amidst the pandemic fears, toilet paper has become scarce in some communities, which may lead to more people using ‘flushable’ wipes.

  • Why & How In Industrial Water Conditioning

    The necessity for deaeration of boiler feed and process water has become so recognized that even small plants now assure longer equipment life and reduced maintenance by employing some type of deaeration. Deaeration today is an important factor in the successful and economical operation of any modern boiler plant, regardless of its size. For more than a century COCHRANE® by newterra has been associated with the art of conditioning water to prevent corrosion, including heating, deaeration and all phases of water treatment.

  • The Difficulty With Accurate Testing For BOD In Industrial Stormwater Runoff

    Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) is a measure of the amount of dissolved oxygen used by microorganisms to break down organic material in a sample of water. As they do so, these microorganisms deplete the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, which can be deadly for aquatic species like fish that rely on dissolved oxygen to live. Because of this hazard to aquatic life, BOD is considered an adverse pollutant in natural waterways where healthy ecosystems are protected. Several states have identified BOD as a pollutant-of-concern related to runoff of stormwater from areas that are associated with industrial activities, and, as a result, have specified water quality limits or objectives for BOD in stormwater discharges from industrial facilities.

  • What Is PFAS?

    PFOA (perfluorooctanic acid) and PFOS (perflurooctane sulfonate) are organic synthetic chemicals that have been used in manufacturing a multitude of industrial and consumer-based products including coatings, carpeting, and fire-fighting foams. Over several decades, they have contaminated the environment, specifically our drinking water sources, causing significant health concerns that recently prompted the EPA to take action.

  • World Class Aeration – Now Improved With The New & Improved Aire-O2 Triton® 2.0

    New innovations in mechanical designs allow the Aire-O2 Triton® 2.0 (patents pending) to provide better aeration efficiency, mixing capacity, and power consumption savings, as well as more seamless and flexible installation, operation and maintenance.

  • How Activated Carbon Works To Purify Air And Water

    The first step is to define the performance limiting factors in the application. For this application, most of the adsorber is used for MTBE adsorption in the ppb concentration range. Adsorption of BTEX, TBA, or humic acids or other total organic carbon (TOC) components are removed by the front end of the column.

  • Seeking Versatility And Simplicity In Troy, Alabama

    Troy Alabama’s Wastewater Treatment Plant was faced with broken discs causing dropping dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in their oxidation ditch. The 3.5 mgd plant opened in 1979. In 1992-1993, a disc rotor system was installed. After 23 years of service, the discs started breaking. Dave Fiveash, Troy’s Plant Manager for the past 21 years, was driven to find a solution to keep the plant operating and meeting DO requirements. 

  • Sugar Beet Harvest Season Simplified With Aire-O2 Tritons®

    Sucrafor, a COSUMAR Groupe sugar beet processing plant in north east (Oriental) of Morocco, designed a wastewater treatment plant to maintain high organic loads through anaerobic, anoxic, and aerated lagoons; as they crush more than 5,000 tons of sugar beets daily.

  • Improved Mixing And Fine Bubble Aeration Help To Reduce Water Exchange, Shorten Production Cycle And Increase Overall Growth Rates

    Finca Empacadora de Tilapia Milagro is one of the fastest growing and successful tilapia projects in Central America since its operation started in 2015.

  • Influence Of Organic Loading On Winery Lagoon Performance & Efficiency

    A winery in California faced the challenge of optimizing and treating their wastewater pond in a sustainable manner.