Natura Solve is a clean and sustainable products company with headquarters and manufacturing, in Utah. Our company was founded in 2015 and re-organized in 2019 under the name Natura Solve, by our Founder and visionary, Jennifer Mitchell. 

At Natura Solve, we are dedicated to the renewal of our globe’s vital resources, and the improvement of our long-term, industrial, municipal and lifestyle processes. We work towards these goals through a core offering of products that won us an award for the “Most Innovative Clean Earth Products Company - USA” from the Global Biotechnology Awards in 2020. We’ve also expanded our service offerings, treating our customer cities and businesses, municipalities and other properties directly, with the help of expert service partners across the US. 

SoilMix and WaterMix are our star products, which are all natural and certified organic. Kid, pet and pest safe, the only living things on the planet that seem not to like it are mosquito. SoilMix and WaterMix by Natura Solve can be used in ponds and lakes, composting and wastewater, mine site cleanup and oil spill remediation. Our core products are an active mixture of natural, active components that will help to balance and clean just about any surface medium. Natura Solve will be adding additional products, application tools and packages to our offerings in 2021, making use even simpler. We are also excited about strategic partnerships forming with multiple cities to help address water conservation issues on a larger scale, watch for us in secondary water treatments, where we're cleaning pathogens and toxins, balancing pH and providing safe and clean water for residents in partner cities.

With our lineup of products, plant managers and water treatment operators can expect to significantly lower tipping and hauling fees, increase efficiencies and processing capacity, all while decreasing odors, eliminating pathogens and other unwanted toxins, fats, oils, heavy metals and more. 

Our products are easy to use, require no special handling permits or licensing and are EPA approved, certified organic and have been used for decades, safely. Just mix with the recommended amount of water and treat - through your existing system, settling ponds or a custom dosing unit built for your ideal treatment site.

Natura Solve provides a free consultation for those interested in learning more about how our products would work in their specific environment. Our expert team can help with testing and dosing recommendations, equipment and treatment schedules and follow-up services, as requested. 


In waste water, we offer a natural solution for volatile solids, toxins and pathogens, fats and oils - while lowering tipping, hauling and labor costs, water and energy use, and some other, recurring costs. Our wastewater products are a concentrate with aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, living together in a proprietary chain, waiting to devour bio solids, oils, toxic chemicals and more - leaving a pathogen-free, safe-to-discharge water and topsoil.


Natura Solve

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Contact: Jennifer Mitchell


  • A Natural Approach To Algae Treatment And Prevention

    Operators of lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and other waterbodies commonly introduce harmful chemicals and other compounds — such as antibacterials and bleach — in an attempt to rid the water of problems such as algae and toxins. However, with beneficial bacteria it is possible to achieve a balance in water or discharge by reducing phosphorus and other key parameters naturally, thereby eliminating or drastically reducing the food source for algae.

  • How Beneficial Bacteria Are Helping Wastewater Operators Attack Biosolids

    Sludge handling presents a growing set of challenges for municipal and industrial wastewater operators, who are increasingly turning toward a natural solution. This alternative method results in a reduced biosolids load that lowers hauling and tipping fees, reduces process energy costs, cuts down odors, and fosters the natural cleaning of pipes and fittings.

  • 3 Methods For Decreasing Mine Site Closure Time

    The current methods for processing water used in mining are slow, and require a hefty investment by mining companies. One Utah based company, however, has proven to speed-up the decades long process that is typical, into a brief period of rapid remediation. Testing and trials with some of the world’s largest processors have yielded a list of methods for processing pregnant solutions and mine site tailings, promising increased profits for mining companies and a speedy and efficient cleanup for residents, politicians and interested parties.

  • Wastewater Sample Savings From Test Treatment Program

    Lower tipping and hauling fees, plant and site odor, processing times and more for the waste industries.

  • Bench Test Instructions For Your Case Study

    Natura Solve provides a complex liquid medium that is produced via a proprietary fermentation process. It consists of a selected spectrum of naturally occurring microorganisms, sustained within a matrix of micro elements and macro elements that provide the critical building blocks for respiration and growth. Thus it simultaneously works as both a biocatalyst, stimulating endogenous bacteria metabolic and production rate and a specialized delivery medium for the highly effective bacteria. The formula is very aggressive due to the essential balance between the selected groups of microorganisms, which, when combined with the enzymes they produce, synergistically create catalyzing proteins that significantly speed up the biochemical reactions and natural decomposition processes of the organic material into humic matter.

  • Profile II Analytical Results, Mine Site Processing

    Increasing profitability through efficient tailing and pregnant solution processing.