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KSB is an international supplier of highly engineered pumps, valves and related systems. Industries served include wastewater, building services, water treatment and transport energy, process engineering, mining, and power plant processes. With 40 manufacturing facilities and 170 service centers, KSB operates in 130 countries on five continents. The KSB brand provides customers with reliable, quality products and technical expertise that only years of experience can deliver. It also guarantees dependable service worldwide. Engineered products tailored to customer specifications are developed for jobs with particularly demanding requirements.

How To Plan When Choosing A Submersible Mixer   Who Is KSB   KSB Amarex Cooling Jacket Submersible Pump
How To Plan When Choosing A Submersible Mixer   Who Is KSB   KSB Amarex Cooling Jacket Submersible Pumpp


The PumpDrive 2; a self-cooling variable frequency drive that can be motor or wall/cabinet mountable , allows you to reduce your pump’s energy consumption proficiently. The system comes ready for operation, pre-parameterized to the pump and motor, with adjustability possible. PumpDrive 2 adjusts the rotational speed of the motor – and with that the pump’s flow rate and head – to match current demand to keep on the best efficiency levels.

The PumpDrive R, a variable frequency drive that enables you to reduce your pump’s energy consumption. The inverter comes ready for operation, pre-set to the pump and motor.

Our SES System Efficiency Service will show you ways to increase the energy efficiency of your pump systems and prolong their service lives. Whatever the application - energy, industry, water or waste water - by recording extensive measurement data it is possible to evaluate the operation of a system and identify potential savings (energy efficiency analysis) as well as any causes of damage (damage analysis).

KSB newest generation Amarex KRT submersible motor pumps. The KRT is used for handling all kinds of municipal and industrial wastewater. The new design will cover a maximum flow rate of 44,380 GPM and highest head of 394 FT. With up to 1140 HP, it offers the highest motor power available on the market as standard.

Better reliability, lower cost of maintenance and flexible design.

Wet-installed, submersible motor pump with axial propeller in ECB design for installation in discharge tubes, single-stage, single-entry, explosion protection to ATEX II G2 T3.


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KSB’s research centers focus on hydraulics, materials technology and energy-saving motors and equipment to ensure high overall energy efficiencies. Customers benefit from innovative ideas and dedication of more than 16,000 employees.

KSB in the USA is a subsidiary of KSB AG and has been doing business here since 1974. KSB brings 140-plus years of global experience and competence in centrifugal pump technology with cutting-edge designs for optimum reliability and maximized performance.

The Richmond, Virginia, office is backed by a network of sales and service locations. We maintain an inventory of assembled pumps and parts and manufacturing, testing and repair facilities in Richmond.

In 1996 GIW Industries, Inc. became a full subsidiary of KSB AG. GIW is renowned for its severe abrasive handling pumps and is a world leader in wear technology. In 2016, GIW commemorated its 125th year of servicing the minerals and mining industries.

GIW has grown in size and expertise to ensure that KSB’s GIW Minerals products are at the forefront of slurry technology. Our production facilities recently completed a multimillion-dollar expansion to provide the best in slurry solutions. It was designed to increase the capacity for large flask sizes and has more than doubled foundry capacity.

In 2010 KSB acquired Standard Alloys Inc. Since 1926, Standard Alloys has provided high quality replacement parts, part repairs, complete  replacement pumps and other industrial equipment through its manufacturing location in Port Arthur, Texas. Originating from a demand for replacement parts for the refinery industry, Standard Alloys expanded into the chemical, municipal and power industries.  In 1982 we added a repair center in Vidor, Texas. With the support of KSB and fueled by its desire to be customer centric, the company expanded its geographical  coverage and now has service centers in Port Allen, Louisiana, and Deer Park, Texas. The fully integrated manufacturing process is mission  critical to the high quality and quick delivery offering.

The reverse engineering process developed at Standard Alloys has been proven successful and continues to help customers keep equipment running by eliminating obsolesce concerns and offering rapid product delivery. As a single source solution provider, Standard Alloys continues to expand our engineering excellence by offering metallurgical upgrade, mechanical upgrades and hydraulic upgrade to improve customer’s mean time between repairs. Our engineering can help you reduce the total cost of ownership for your pumps.

First-class products and excellent service take top priority at KSB. Which is why the entire group works to uniform and secure quality guidelines based on the Business Excellence Model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM).

KSB products are backed by our service network in the USA:

Bakersfield, CA
Thomason, GA
Mulberry, FL
Port Allen, LA
Deer Park, TX
Vidor, TX
Richmond, VA